Monday, February 1, 2010

The wicked witch of the sky

Well I suppose I knew this day would eventually arrive, the day I missed my first daily posting. I had told myself I should type out a few pre typed stories or whatever but I just had not gotten to that point yet. Oh well, life goes on and I am sure I will miss a few more days here and there over the next 11 months. Next time I will be prepared with something that may not fit specific to my day but will fit my personality.


Yesterday was a travel day which I always enjoy if things go well because I get to spend some time with a wide cross section of the American public. In most cases this adds to my general amusement but sometimes it makes me cringe at how rude and inconsiderate some people can be. I admit that sometimes you can have a particularly rough day and it is hard to be upbeat and traveling, especially air travel can add to that problem. I tend to be more of relax and quit your whining type because complaining and whining has yet to solve any problem for anyone in my view.

Here are a few things I observed yesterday while traveling home.

First was some guy complaining incessantly at the ticket counter about baggage fees. Ok now I agree that the new baggage fees that most airlines are charging on checked bags is bullshit but I also know it is part of life now and I doubt whining for 20 minutes ever got them to skip the charges. If you don’t want to pay the fees then maybe you should stay home instead of bothering me and holding up the line. In my opinion the airlines have done themselves and the passengers a disservice because of the unintended consequences of checked baggage fees which leads me to my next case.

When I own my own airline someday it will have a policy of no carry on bags. As it is right now everyone wants to carry on a months worth of clothes for a 3 day trip but do not want to check bags because of fees. Maybe the airlines should charge $25 per carry on and alleviate more issues than the current charge on checked bags. I love the excuses for these massive carry ons that so many people use. I am a business traveler and don’t have time to wait for checked bags is one I hear. Yeah sure,I would hate for you to wait an extra 30 minutes to retrieve your bags and make you late to your first afternoon martini. The other one is the excuse that they are afraid their checked luggage will not arrive at their final destination and they won’t have any clothes to wear. If you can not fit at least 3 days worth of clothing in a bag that easily fits in the overhead bin then you are too stupid to be let out of your home let alone your city of departure.

Yesterday on our second leg of the trip home, Denver to Spokane I observed one lady in particular being rude and a general pain in the ass. First she shoves her oversized carryon at the flight attendant and angrily says, “Stow this for me”. No please, no pleasant voice just a general bitchiness that somehow she was the only passenger on the flight. The flight attendant politely took the bag though and began to stow it in the overhead bin which was not an easy task. Then the lady who I had decided was the wicked witch of the North, South, East and West started complaining. She did not want her bag stowed anywhere except directly above her head and was shouting and really throwing a fit. Well bitch then maybe you should have gotten on the plane with your railcar sized bag a bit earlier before the overhead bins had become mostly filled was my thought. The flight attendant stayed calm and explained to her in a very polite tone that she could either leave it where it was or check it at the front of the plane. The wicked witch then really became inflamed and finally took her seat while cussing and whining. I was glad she was not in my row because I do not think I could have kept the calm level that the flight attendant did.

When we got to Spokane I was amused a bit as the witch jerked her massive bag out of the bin and thumped herself on the head. I was really laughing by now and continued to watch her as we disembarked. She was met by a man I guess was her husband and immediately started barking orders at him and whining to him about her head. I was then amused at the thought of how happy the guy must have been while she was away but how his own personal hell had now returned. The last time I saw the lady was as Dakota and I headed to our vehicle. Some young kid had been driving a bit too fast and hit a puddle of water near the curb which had done an awesome job of soaking the witch and her big carryon bag and she was screaming but also sobbing as we walked by. I said to her, “Hope you have a better day” with a big polite smile.

Today’s picture is an older picture of Festus who was very happy to see us return yesterday.

Today’s real environmentalist species found on the ranch is the Mourning dove aka Zenaida macroura.