I am Larry Olberding Jr. a third generation cattle rancher living in the eastern part of Washington State. I would like to provide you with a transparent and honest peek into the cattle and beef business and what my daily life entails. I am a husband to a very tolerant,supportive and loving wife and a father to 3 wonderful daughters. I live in the house that I came home to as an infant on a ranch that my Grandfather broke out of sagebrush starting in 1954. 

 I spent some of my younger years in other agricultural pursuits including growing potato's and apples as well as grain crops and hay but always had a few cows around and that enterprise slowly grew over time. I also spent some time in the trucking industry before finally fulfilling my lifelong dream of becoming a full time cattle rancher. I served as President of the Washington Cattlemen's Association in 2011-12. I am not here to preach but to educate by ENGAGING beef consumers and show you the glory and the sometimes harsh side of working with Mother Nature. The focus will be on the cattle but I will throw a few opinions and observations about humans and human nature because I love that part of life as well. 

 This blog will try and capture the essence of who I am and what I do. Like me it wont always be pretty, it will seldom be politically correct, but it will be real. If you want a "no filter" look at what I do, how and why I do it and a few laughs along with lots of pictures of cows please follow along on this adventure. Your civil comments, questions and engagement are encouraged and appreciated.