Sunday, April 29, 2012

It's Magic

So here it is, months since I have last posted. I really don't have a good excuse, but I do have several excuses. I just cannot seem to get my life in balance seems to be the primary cause. I have stretched myself a bit too thin and it seems like some aspect of life has to always suffer to make the best effort at another aspect. The good news is I think my priorities have been mostly well defined, certainly not everyday, but in general I feel I have pursued the parts of life that had the most importance depending on the day. Keep living, keep striving, keep loving and keep learning are the focus for 2012. Unfortunately, often that knocks the priority of the blog way down.

You will probably be surprised at my primary excuse for not being here lately, not the only reason by any means but the one reason that got me started with ignoring this blog. Many here and those that know me also know how much I love music. The night of the 2012 Grammy awards was tough on me. I tried to watch and follow along on Twitter but as the night ran on I got a bit disgusted with society, even people I usually agree with on most ideas. As much as I love music I dont give musical artists any special standing as far their importance or opinion. The general public however does seem to have a huge regard for musical artists personal lives and opinions. I sat quietly on Twitter and watched as people I really see as great people seemed to be enamored with anyone with musical talent. Don't get me wrong, as someone with zero musical talent I am in awe of what ANY musical artist can do with lyrics and music. Where I lost it was when an artist that was a convicted woman beater was given a Grammy. This was not half as bad as when the woman that he assaulted decided to do a duet with him. I know forgiveness is a Christian trait and maybe the failure is mine but in all honesty it looks to me like the almighty dollar has a value that can erase the past just a bit too easily for many people. This is enough on the issue but honestly it made me want to retreat to my own sheltered, simple and honorable life and most of the world could go fornicate themselves.

This past week two things happened that renewed my faith in the goodness of the people of this country, and it made me ashamed that I even doubted that there are more good people in this country than bad. The big news in my industry this week was the mad cow in California. I applaud the industry, the USDA (yes I really did praise the Federal Government) and most of all the general public of the country. Despite the medias insatiable desire to blow things up and get all drama filled the story stayed informative without hype overruling intelligence and science. Yes the markets took a bit of a panic but it was short lived and as I tracked media the issue faded quickly. I even saw one poll that tried hard to extend the hype with the question "With the madcow in California will you quit eating beef?" The two choices were, "Yes I am worried about the safety of beef." or "No, we have a very safe beef supply." The poll was running 30-70 the last time I checked it.

The second thing that really helped to renew my faith in this country was the labor department deciding to rescind their rules about kids working on farms and ranches. I know many people sent in comments about this terrible idea and especially in an election year we saw how being engaged CAN make a difference in government. Nobody wants kids to be hurt or killed working on farms or ranches. Everybody benefits from the life lessons, work ethic and entrepreneurial spirit that is learned by kids working in rural America! OK off the soapbox and on to whats been happening in life.

Calving season has been absolutely spectacular for me. Every single first calf heifer I own is nursing a live calf and not a single one required any calving help. I did have one young lady that had some confusion and took over another cows calf but I caught the issue and the other cow is now raising the confused mothers biological calf so all is good. I saved a breech birth calf I would have bet my last dollar would not be born alive.Just for you anti agriculture people and animal rights people I must have sucked 20 gallons of phlegm out of this particular calf's lungs into my own mouth in a all out effort to make sure he lived.  The post calving health has been excellent and so far we are having an great grass year. *not just knock on wood, but beat the hell out of a log good!*  I did have some of the common issues that show up and some not so common issues such as a blind calf that kept me busy but overall things have been extraordinarily awesome. Everything is now at the home ranch and almost all the hotwire fence is gathered as well as portable panels and water troughs. Next week is branding and castration week and this family event is something I look forward to every year.

I want to thank all of you that showed concern about my absence from the social media world and the encouragement to come back. I really do enjoy being part of a bigger world and I do have a good selection of pictures from the last few months that I will share as we charge towards summer. Thank you for reading!  

All of today's pictures have a story behind them that I will share over the next few months and they can be viewed in full size by clicking on them. 

Today's real environmentalist species found on the ranch is the human aka homo sapien, yes we really are part of Mother Earths creatures.

Today's Youtube music video selection is a feel good song from my youth. Magic by the Cars. Hey Mikey you remember a night in Cannon Beach Oregon, a roomful of recently graduated young ladies and this song? So far the cattle business has been nothing short of Magic in 2012.