Saturday, January 30, 2010

It's party time again

The 2010 National Cattlemen's Beef Association tradeshow and convention has come to an end today and really none too soon for me. It has been an enjoyable and fun convention but now the desire to get home is prevalent. I just cant be away for too long before the worries of how things are holding together at home start to consume me. Christine and Samantha will be spending a few more days down here with family. Dakota and I will be traveling home tomorrow and will get home from Spokane with a few hours of daylight left hopefully.

Today was my day to spend some time with the in laws and last nights partying had me in serious need of re hydration most of today. Augustina (Tina) at Cowboys dancehall said she would read this blog and I promised to mention her specifically in today's post. If I would have known the pretty young lady was going to force so much whiskey on me and some fellow cowboys last night I would have never made that promise. I want to thank her and her fellow workers for providing great service and a great time for everyone last night.

The party started with a Professional Bull Riders invitational held in the rodeo arena that is part of Cowboys dance hall. The other half of the large building is a huge bar with a massive dance floor and stage. After the bull riding event was completed we all moved over to the dancehall side and enjoyed a night of conversation, drinking, solving the worlds problems as well as dancing to the sounds of Daryl Worley who provided a great live show. Special thanks to NCBA staff for doing such a great job planning the event. It was a bit crowded but was a great final night here in San Antonio.

I really do not know why I was so thirsty most of today. After all, with all the amber liquid I consumed last night I would have thought I was in good shape that way! As it was the night lasted way too long and the morning came way too quickly. Part of today's visiting included the birthday party celebration of a three year old great niece. The party itself was fun because it is always fun to watch young kids have fun and also seeing all the cousins enjoying themselves. The only problem with the party was the location. Now I love being around kids but there is one place on earth geared for kids that will test my sanity level. That particular place is Chucky Cheese.

The first problem is you got that damn Chucky running around which is very scary for me. I once had one of the dressed up mice get fairly amorous and touchy feely with me at a party years ago. I was fine with it at the time but later I realized I really had no idea what gender of human was inside that mouse costume and so I have always been suspicious and apprehensive since that day. There really should be pink mouse and a blue mouse at that establishment in my opinion. Maybe then you would know if it was Chucky or Carla Cheese fondling the poor mothers and fathers at the parties.

I was also considering a few other things that they should have at Chuckys that would make it a bit less stressful on the parents.I think they used to sell beer at these places but this particular one and our local one do not. They really should not even sell it, it should be provided in unlimited quantities for free for any adult attending a party. You can only stand so many snotty noses, piercing screams and crying toddlers sober. If they are going to sell an item and want to make alot of money they should sell Extra Strength Percocets. They could charge $100 per tablet and it would be a bargain for the parental customers. I guess I will probably recover since this evening we will be eating dinner at Hooters. I have promised my wife and kids to not try to bribe the waitresses with all the Chucky tickets I won today playing Skeeball.

Today's picture is of cow 0069y with her 16th fall calf and probably her last. She has been an excellent beef producer.

Today's real environmentalist species found on the ranch is the common carp aka Cyprinus carpio.