Saturday, February 13, 2010

Hot blooded, check it and see

I know this will be a terrible disappointment to my legions of fans but tonight’s post is going to be quite short. Rarely do Christine and I get a “child less” night but tonight is one of those rare times. Dakota and Samantha are babysitting their cousins and spending the night at my sister and brother in laws tonight. Chris and I actually spent quite some time together feeding and tagging calves and have been looking forward to tonight.

There were two new calves today but once again I forgot my camera and missed some great pictures of calves in today’s bright sunshine. I will make sure I have it tomorrow and get some new pictures.

Well my beautiful bride is ready and waiting and I am looking forward to tonight. I am pretty sure the 10 minutes I took to fix the dim right side headlamp on her car is going to pay great dividends! I hope everyone else has a great weekend and remember to Eat Beef! See ya tomorrow.

Today’s real environmentalist species found on the ranch is Russian thistle aka tumbleweed aka Sasola kali.

Today’s picture is some of the spring calving cows eating some alfalfa with a few of their calves.