Sunday, February 14, 2010

Cupid, God of love

Today was a nice but very damp Sunday. It either rained or drizzled or somewhere in between most all day. The long-term forecast shows daytime highs right around 50 with night time lows near freezing. This should really help the cheat grass and triticale grow which will be really a nice thing. I am hoping when I have to leave cornstalks I can go right onto triticale fields. My triticale was planted a bit late though so it is going to be close. For those who do not know Triticale is a wheat/rye hybrid that is excellent cool season forage.

I really tried to focus on something in particular for today’s blog post but for some reason the harder I try the more scattered my thoughts become. I guess I will share a few of those off the wall thoughts that I had during the day. The first thing I thought of this morning was that it was Valentines day and since I had no candy, flowers or a card purchased I did not ask Chris to get up and help me feed the yearlings. As late as we were out last night I am pretty sure she was glad I made the right choice of a gift for today.

As I drove to load hay and feed the yearlings today I started to think of things related to Valentines Day and eventually came to Cupid. I guess I would not have been a very good ancient Roman because I am always asking too many questions about their Gods to have them make sense to me. For instance, did Cupid ever grow up into an adult and if he did was he still wearing a diaper? As to the diaper was that for modesty purposes or was he not properly potty trained or just naturally incontinent? In his old age did he wear a Depends or was it still a Pampers? Was the diaper disposable or cloth and if it was cloth did his mother Venus subscribe to a diaper service? These things need to be thought out for someone like me.

The next issue would be the whole shooting of the arrows idea. I really do not think it is a great idea for a baby who is not even potty trained to be going around playing with a bow and arrow. I guess it would be easier to envision if the pictures showed arrows with those little red suction cups on the end of them but often they look like the kind of broad heads needed to drop a mother moose in the Yukon. I would also say that most successful archery hunters wear some kind of camouflage clothing and to my knowledge there were not any Cabela stores in ancient Rome. At this point I decided to stop my pursuit of Cupid as a blog topic.

I then went to feed and check the special needs cows and fall pairs. There was one new calf there belonging to cow that should be having her first calf but was pregnant as a yearling and had delivered her second calf today although she is barely 2 years old herself. The fact that she had raised a decent calf last year and rebred successfully and had her second calf unassisted made my mind go to a whole different subject. I started thinking about the problem of teen mothers in society and this and that but the fact that the cow is black made me stop all consideration of this topic lest I be looked at as a racist in today’s world. So once again here I was at a thought that would not make a blog post.

Later in the day I went to check on the main group of cows. Chris rode with me and being that it was Valentines Day she sat in the middle and Festus had to sit on the passenger side. There were no new calves there today but we did take some time checking the calves and marveling at how fast some of them are growing already. We then took a detour through Connell to pickup my new wire roller that had been delivered to Chris’ work on Friday. Some no good rotten son of a Pelosi had stolen my wire roller last summer. I need to start picking up wire this week so I am not behind when the farmers get all excited over the next few weeks.

As we left town I looked over at my bride in her muck boots, Carhartt coat and jeans and asked her if she wanted to stop for a drink at the local watering hole. She said that was out of the question because she was not wearing any makeup. I said to her, “Oh I could not tell, I guess you are so pretty I did not know the difference” and to think some of you fools bought candy, flowers and cards to show your love and devotion today, thanks Cupid.

Today’s real environmentalist species found on the ranch is the European magpie aka Pica pica.

Today’s picture is cow number 4207y aka Rainbow and her bull calf 0207y born yesterday.