Thursday, February 18, 2010

I got nothin'

Oh boy another day and time for another blog post. What will I ever post for today? Sometimes I go through a day and have a million things I want to post and can make it come together into some central topic. Some days I have lots of good or humorous thoughts but they are not interconnected and they are hard to put into words in the “style” of how I usually do the blog post. Some days there is just nothing, not that nothing happens just nothing funny, out of the ordinary or dramatic happens. Today was one of those days.

I should learn to appreciate these kinds of days more than I do. The fact that nothing dramatic happened should be looked upon with happiness not scorn. There were three new calves today and one has some really cool markings on his face. The pictures I got do not do him justice so I will have to catch him on a better day. His mother got me a pretty good lick as I gave him his selenium shot and like so many others he is tagless. Luckily with his markings and how his mother looks there will be no mistakes of which cow he belongs to. It was a bit chilly this morning 28degrees and I had to move a Cat loader about 8 miles to unload a semi load of hay so I wore my coveralls for the first time in ages. It did make the mid 40’s today and was once again sunny and nice. See, all kinds of exciting blog stuff.

I was going to write about how much I dislike feeding and especially buying hay but that post needs more work. I will say that each time I took a load of four 3x4x8 bales off the truck with the loader today I knew it made my bank account another $260 lighter. I really hate buying hay this late in the season but it has been a pretty nice winter overall so I need to hold my tongue. I was very happy with the quality of the hay and although it was much greener and had more leaves than my cows are used to they did seem to enjoy it. Usually when I buy hay it tends to look much like bundled firewood but with less green color and less leaf than a bundle of firewood. I am always worried that nice green leafy hay my scare my cows. I am getting a load of grass straw delivered tomorrow that should more closely resemble baled sticks.

I did spend a bulk of the day removing the water pump from the Massey tractor which for me was a royal pain in the ass. The nice thing about these kinds of projects I tend to regather my scattered hand tools. I am one bolt away from having the water pump removed. Of course this particular bolt is in a place that does not lend itself well to the size of my arms. This made me wonder if any mechanic has ever become a vegan just so he can have skinny arms to make life easier. I also wondered if anyone has done a study as to the number of people who become mechanics that had traumatic head injuries as a child. Why the hell anyone would want to spend their life dealing with broken down equipment is something I suppose I will never grasp. I am sure a mechanic who saw me with my arm shoulder deep in a cow doing a pregnancy palpation has his own ideas about head injuries.

I guess that leaves me at nothing to post for today’s blog. I guess I will just share an internet story I found tonight that I found amusing.

A cow has been put in prison after it was blamed for a road accident in Colombia.
The cow was wandering along a road in Giron when was hit by a woman on a motorcycle.
The woman was not badly hurt but police decided the cow was a danger and 'arrested' it.
Officers were unable to find out who owns the cow and are keeping it in the town's prison.
A police spokesman said: "If it was a person who caused the accident, he or she would be behind bars, so why not a cow?"

Apparently there is no open range law in Colombia. This makes me wonder if in the nursery rhyme “The cow jumped over the moon” if that cow was from Colombia and had recently consumed some illicit drug or if she was just naturally athletic.

Today’s real environmentalist species found on the ranch is the Prairie falcon aka Falco mexicanus.

Today’s picture is of six calves that were enjoying the sunshine today. They were acting pretty sure of themselves and cocky until I let Festus out and then they high tailed it to their mothers.