Sunday, April 25, 2010


It seems like every week I talk with someone new who reads this blog. Usually I am surprised mainly because there are more people than I ever imagined. I guess I was kind of expecting it to be something a bit more anonymous like the internet is in general. I figured a select few relatives and friends might read it but mainly it would be strangers that stumbled across it while surfing. That’s how I usually come across things on the net. I start with a subject, stumble into something related, and eventually end way off course. That is not always a bad thing, since being online I have learned a lot of things about a lot of subjects that I otherwise would not have pursued.

So today my oldest little sister (does that make sense?) and my brother in law had a party/BBQ/social/poker tournament. This is an annual event and you will not find better food, conversation, people and time in general anywhere. Thanks to them for again having an awesome party. I talked to three people today that read this blog at times and I was surprised by the comments. One person said he expected to see a blog based on my forays into the darker side of life. Most of these stories would be history and now I am too old to survive the things I once did for fun. The other issue is you never know who may be reading this. What if I tell a story about the heavy set twin sisters I met, and oh never mind you get the point.

The other person asked me if I really enjoyed doing the blog and where did I find the time? Since I started doing this blog I have become much more aware of things around me in any given day. My mind always was mostly in high gear even if it was disjointed most of the time. Now all through the day I try and think of something in the day that would fit into a decent blog post. On the really good days most of the post is already in my mind when I sit down to type it out. The actual typing, quick edit and posting usually only takes around 30 minutes on those days. I do enjoy doing it for the most part but I keep putting more pressure on myself for what I deem to be good material as I find out more people read this.

I am amazed though as to what posts sometimes end up the most popular or that spawn the most feedback. People have so many different reasons for reading this so what they deem as good may not always be something I deem as “blog worthy”. Personally I like the posts where it leans towards the absurd with some humor thrown in. The ones related to family or life experience are often the easiest and heartfelt but I always fell I missed some aspect of what was going through my mind. That is a big reason for missing posts lately. Besides being tired from long days I often type something out but won’t post it because I feel it is not to my standard.

That really makes no sense at all. When I have no idea how many people are reading this and how many people like it why would I let it matter?

I guess it is because of the compliments and encouragement I have gotten from so many people. I once had a counter on the page to tell me how many people visited the blog. The counter is what disabled the comment section. Now I have the counter deleted but the comment section STILL is not working. Someday I will find someone that can help me remedy that issue. I hope each of you that see something in particular you like or dislike will let me know. The email to this blog is and I welcome comments from anyone on any subject. I will say that if you have a dislike of something in particular does not mean I will automatically quit doing it. HA.

I am going to close this post out. From my view this is the kind of post that I feel is really not very good. I guess I did say this blog would jump all over the place and I can feel secure that I have delivered in that respect. Have a great week everyone!

Today’s real environmentalist species found on the ranch is four-wing saltbush aka Atriplex canescens.

Today’s picture is something I stumbled across online. Please come back tomorrow for a related picture to this one. This picture alone would remind me of this poor blog post. The story goes the driver was traveling right to left, went through the guard rail, hit the concrete culvert, flipped and rolled and came to rest upright. Supposedly the driver walked away. If he did he was lucky, tomorrow check in to see just HOW lucky.