Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Escape from Olbertraz

I know this is not my normal time to post but I am cutting out of here for the day. Three friends and I are on our way to Seattle to watch the Mariners play tonight. I really probably should not go as there is so much to do around here. We are staying the night and coming home early tomorrow. I have a Washington Cattlemen’s Executive meeting in Ellensburg on Wednesday so I am going to leave my rig there. I debated whether I should go or not but sometimes you just have to take a break and have some fun. Besides, sometimes the best drug for good mental health is a short escape from the pressures and responsibilities of everyday life.

I also am going to be busy on Thursday which I guess is Earthday so I needed a way to celebrate that day. Going to Seattle in a diesel burning ¾ ton pickup seems like a good start. I might even buy some bottled water at some store and ask that it be double bagged in plastic. In some ways I am disappointed that I can not celebrate the day like the God of saving the planet Al Gore. If I was Al I would fly in my private jet to the game, take a limousine from the airport and have a press conference surrounded by 30 media outlet vans to tell the world how wonderful I am.

I guess my hypocrisy level just is not up to a true envirotards level. I will just have to be satisfied with caring about the environment everyday as a rancher and leave the glory to the “look at me for 10 minutes crowd” while I do what farmers and ranchers do all day everyday. All this Earthday hype has made me ponder something the last few days. Is it possible for a double leg amputee to have a large carbon footprint? See ya’all on Wednesday night.

Today’s real environmentalist species found on the ranch is the American Robin aka Turdus migratorius. Yeah really.

Today’s picture is a picture of me with Al Gore. Al Gore is the name of my 1969 Cadillac Coupe De Ville. I named it Al Gore because it is fat, white, and noisy, uses a lot of fossil fuels, blows a lot of smoke and is bad for the environment in general.