Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Hypothermia and electric blankets

Ok so here I am, at that point that the creative juices have slowed, the apathy is wanting to take a hold and the excuses not to post are easy. I just cannot let that happen, I have started to see many more views and a few more followers, thank you by the way! So I have to buckle down and get something posted. On the plus side I have already posted 8 posts in 2012 when I pathetically only mustered 30 in ALL of 2011.

So I do not have anything extra inspiring tonight, I dont have a bunch of pictures, so what in the h e double hockey sticks should I post about? LOL, just as I posted the last sentence I REMEMBERED what I WAS going to blog about tonight, but it certainly requires pictures so maybe tomorrow.

What have the last few days been filled with? Checking cows, building fence, chopping ice and preparing and worrying about what the weather will be like when I am away to Nashville next week for the National Cattlemens Beef Association convention. Speaking of "worry" i saw a great quote on the subject the other day, "worry is just a down payment on something that is unlikely to happen." I thought that was pretty good.

I also saw something that once again solidified my opinion that government is always the best answer. *cough sarcasm cough* The US Government via the Center for Disease Control has an ONLINE resource for "What to do when the electricity goes out." Just when I thought about opening my electric freezer to take out a frozen pizza to cook in my electric oven and enjoy while watching my electric television as the electricity was off the government saved me because I used my non electric computer to see what to do. I am just sayin! I especially loved this little nugget of information; Causes of hypothermia, cold temperatures! Well paint me educated for shits sake! No wonder I could not stomach watching the "State of the Union" this evening, that and the fact that my electric television still has no satellite or other connection. The BEST decision I have made over the last 4 years!

Luckily we have not had any power failures lately and last night I participated in a long discussion on a conference call about Animal Disease Traceability in Washington State. Tonight on Twitter I enjoyed a nice #agchat about water conservation issues with people not only across this nation but around the world. Part of the problem is I am just beat tired, my most "favorited" and "retweeted"  post on Twitter so far was last night when I posted, "U know it is heifer calving season when you wake up with your head on the keyboard and drool running out of your mouth at 8 p.m." 

Today's real environmentalist species found on the ranch is the Red Tailed Hawk aka Buteo jamaicensis.

Today's picture is the ice pile at the water tanks which should be melting tonight as we are getting some "Chinook winds"

Today's musical selection from YouTube are the "Sons of Bill" singing "Broken Bottles" with the awesome lyrics of "Hank Williams may have been a lovesick drinker but being a lovesick drunk don't make you Hank."