Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Griselda and I are Hell on wheels

Hey so here I am, two nights in a row. Actually after remembering about something I was going to post last night I looked forward to getting a post up tonight. I needed to get some pictures today to really do the post justice though but here we go.

Yesterday was the one year anniversary of owning Griselda my 2005 Dodge Cummins pickup. If you would like to go back and see what a great experience that purchase was and how she looked before it got "Cowmanized" go to this link Cheryl, the nice lady who sold me this gem and also follows this blog may not want to read any more of this post, but I DID warn her what would happen once Griselda met the ranch. LOL

I feel that a pickup, especially a ranch pickup is to be used for work not just as some deliver me to the city form of transportation. I do take care of basic maintenance like oil changes, filters and whatnot but that is about as much babying I am going to give a pickup. I would wash her more often but I cant help the fact that it hardly ever rains here in eastern Washington thus providing a "natural" and "organic" bath. Plus I am a cheap bastard and who has time for washing vehicles anyway? 

So one year later Griselda is not quite as "pretty" as she once was but I am sure she is very happy. She even got the chance to transport a newborn calf in her cab this past week and the calf did not even shit during the ride, that will surely change but you don't want to scare a pickup off too quickly. The first damage to her exterior was because I was not paying good attention while backing up with the stocktrailer. The "Call before you dig" sign in front of our old house took her dent virginity. The next thing to happen was her rear bumper did not seem to be as aerodynamic as I liked so I "tweaked" it just a bit, the sad thing is I dont even really know how or when this happened but I suspect an old Poplar tree stump in the horse pasture is the culprit. Luckily no bumper stickers were harmed by this modification. You may also notice a slight piece of the tail light is missing as well but nobody seems to know how that happened.

Now we move on to incident number 3. I wont go into detail here but somebody chose to try and steal some scrap iron from my corrals last 4th of July. The only details I will give is I highly doubt they will be back and now if they need some scrap they can sell the rearend of their pickup bed and both rear fenders. Well, the bastards would not stop and I did not have my cell phone to call the law so I solved the problem. I will also say that if they were Nascar fans they now know that I learned how to "bump draft" from the master Dale Earnhardt Sr. Sadly, I am sure they had less value in scrap metal than my damages but to be so unamerican and to steal something on the 4th of July REALLY pissed me off! The damages were well worth the laughs and release of anger I was able to experience that night as the sky was filled with fireworks.The Iron Bull bumper did do one hell of a job though and besides a few scrapes to the rhino liner covering it is just like kind of new.

I would like to say that is it but there is one more teensy tiny thing that happened. Somebody leaned a spare stock trailer tire against the bed and then went over a bump where the overhang of the gooseneck pushed the tire into the bedrail. Soon this will be forgotten as now that Griselda has proven herself over a year she will soon be sporting a new flatbed. I see how jealous she gets of my 98 Dodge when we go feed cows. 

I am sure at this point if saleslady Cheryl is still reading she is cringing. Don't worry, Griselda is doing everything I want and need a pickup to do. For an example just today I was talking on my cell phone, tracking a coyote out the window, loading a rifle and keeping my coffee from spilling when I somehow lost track of where Griselda was tracking and ended up ass deep in a snow drift. A little shift of the transfer case, a bit of an engine rev, a quick prayer and a small amount of cussing and Griselda jumped free from the snowdrift monster and thanked me for her new tires. In no time we were back to building fence and feeling bad for Prius owners.

One year has been quite an adventure for her and I am sure she has found her calling. She finds new ways to please me almost daily. I mean who could resist a girl that keeps cold beer for you at the end of a day? 

Duct tape on the license plate, a 6 gun in the dash, Thunder in the hood, heaven from a still, lighting from a jar, brother I am hell on wheels" Brantley Gilbert sings today's Cowman You Tube music selection and dedicated to Griselda who really does enjoy life these days. Remember all pictures can be viewed in full size by clicking on them.