Sunday, January 8, 2012

Excellent Weekend

I just enjoyed what I would consider one of my greatest weekends ever. I know some would expect that I have some news about some fun extravagant weekend getaway and how I found a great new wine bar and all my NFL playoff teams won. If this is what you are looking for or expecting you might want to quit wasting your time reading now and wait for the blog entitled “Beyonce is pregnant with my baby and I don’t care because 5 weight calves are $3 a cwt”.

What I loved about this weekend is I never traveled more than 20 miles from home and yet I enjoyed it so much. Yesterday my two older daughters that have left the nest (Amanda and Samantha) came to visit and Amanda brought along her friend Kenneth. They delivered an awesome new computer desk (my Christmas present) that is big enough that I can place my keyboard and monitor on it and still have enough room for my new laptop on the side. The cows that I moved to cornstalks on Friday were all very happy and still within the confines of their hot wire fence.

Since I had some extra help around we spent the morning sorting off some more spring calving cows to be moved to the cornstalks and got them moved. We then spent some family time watching a movie as a family as we waited for one of our favorite local eating and drinking establishments to open. We enjoyed a nice early dinner and conversation and got home just in time to have enough daylight to do chores. It is such a joy to see your kids make their way in the world but we miss them lots and are glad that they are close and will come to visit and help work cows now and again. I love you two and thank you for the new desk. I can’t wait for our trip to Nashville in a few weeks.

Today I got up earlier than I needed to and was hoping to see a nice sunrise. Sadly we had low clouds and some fog and there was no sunrise to be seen but I could see the cows on cornstalks from my back porch and Dad and I had a little conversation about how great that was. I took my morning driving tour of cows on stalks and everything was great. Fences were hot, water was flowing and the cows looked very contented. Later, Christine, Dakota and I gathered the fall calving pairs and worked the calves that had not yet been worked. Vaccinations, banding the non castrated bull calves, branding and giving ear tags to the many that had not been tagged at birth. Things went so well that Dakota was able to make her afternoon club volleyball practice. Again I will give a bit of advice to you young men out there. If you can find a lady that will work all week in town to help contribute financially to your cow hobby and then spend the bulk of the weekend helping you work cows, grab her and hold on tight. I love you baby and thank you for ALL you do to let me chase my dreams! To top off the weekend she made a trip back to Othello to pick up the cell phone of someone (me) that left it at the pizza parlor. Sometimes the only thing special about me is how lucky I am to be married to this lovely lady. Today's Youtube cowman music selection is for her courtesy of the Bellamy Brothers.

As I wrap this up I have a little story about today’s pictures. The first is just todays early morning sun trying to break through the fog as cows graze cornstalks but the other two are related to tonight’s trip to get pizza. To make it in the cattle business you must be willing to use anything you can to lower your costs of production, especially those things, ideas etc. that will not impact the price you can charge for your product. I am constantly on the lookout for these things and often see other people in other business ventures doing the same. Tonight we decided to get pizza from one of our local pizza joints that we like in Othello called The Pizza Factory. They were just opening for the evening so I went inside and ordered, waited and enjoyed the end of the Broncos/ Steelers game while my wife and daughter went to Wal Mart for a few items. I noticed the pizza boxes were plain brown and it almost looked as if the guy put them in the box upside down. As I opened the box to check I realized it was just another businessman that had found a way to save money by using the assets of someone that had not succeeded. Remember that all pictures on this blog can be seen in "full size" by clicking on them. I was duly impressed at his sense, but why in the hell did he not see my cell phone on the table next to the 3 empty beers!?

Today’s real environmental species found on the ranch is the Barrows Goldeneye aka Bucephala islandica.