Thursday, January 15, 2015

Part 3; The Numbers, no vegans or animal rights activists deserve my time

So as I count down in reverse order the top 5 reasons I no longer engage animal rights activists and vegans we arrive at blog post number 3. For a review, number 5 was I support food choices and number 4 was the incessant anger.  Numbers, when we think about it numbers are a very big part of our lives. Just in the course of a day there are so many numbers that I am focused on. What is the temperature outside?
What is the price of diesel fuel at the Indian reservation store?
How many RPMS am I pulling up this hill,? Do those calves weigh 500 pounds or closer to 550? Where did I put the phone number of that really sexy barrel racer? Ok, that last one isn't true, but I do have the number of a 4 time married, Marlboro smoking, former 1982 rodeo queen (this part has not been confirmed) that wants to come help gather cattle sometime, and that isn't for nothin!  The point is numbers MATTER and is exactly why crazed animal rights activists and vegans do NOT matter. Well wait I am already going to change that, SOME numbers matter. 

Remember that numbers are only as good as the source that provides them and the context of those numbers. The ARA vegan community will proudly tell you that their numbers are increasing! Yes, wonderful, if they continue to increase at the current rate the whole world will be vegan in about 278.391 Billion years. Admittedly, I am using just 1 source here, but clearly the number of vegans is still very small. This is why they are so shrill and angry. They know that the only way anyone hears them is to scream very loud.They really are insignificant! There is a reason that there is a McDonalds and not a Veganonalds. 

Here is another number that matters. In the last 24 hours, one global revolution, the number of people needing to eat increased by 189,985 mouths. I am pretty confident many of those will choose to eat meat protein if given the chance. (This is a fun site by the way
Let me put this in perspective from a cowman logic perspective. If Mike the meat eater has 2 flat tires and Vincent the vegan has 1 flat tire who will travel the most miles in a day? Well, at first glance you would think Vincent. However, when you discover Mike has 2 flats on 2 outside duals of his semi trailer tandem and Vincent has 1 flat on his unicycle things change. Not to mention the fact that Mike is at the tire shop and has purchased 2 new tires, while Vincent is still hoping to get enough donations to his GoFundMe account so he can buy a bag of free range, certified green raised, organic, GMO free quinoa, yet alone afford a new tire.

Detractors will point to the fact that individual meat consumption in the USA is declining. This is true, however would you rather have 100 people consuming 1 pound of your product, or 300 people consuming a half pound of your product? The fact is global meat consumption is increasing and likely will continue. Notice an animal rights activist will seldom mention that we are now producing far more meat protein with far fewer animals than in previous years? Most people love the taste, nutrition density, affordability and availability of animal protein.  

I want to stress again if you want to engage these people it is your choice. Personally, I choose not to. I am much more focused on being available to answer questions about what I do, how I do it, and why I do some things a certain way from people that purchase my product. To close this post I sold a few calves today. In the course of them being sold, 4 different individuals placed bids on them. I confirmed that NONE (there is a number, zero, none, nil, nada, nothing) of the bidders were vegan animal rights activists hoping to buy them and let them live forever at a sanctuary. (Just in the interest of full disclosure these calves will be put out on grass until late summer and then put in a feedlot to be finished) I mean, with so many of these people you would think at least 1 of them would care enough to put their wallet where their non consumptive mouth is? Nope! Fluff and rhetoric are very low in nutrients. Remember folks all pictures can be viewed full size by clicking on them.

Today's cowman music selection is Ed Bruce singing "Last cowboys song" This was written in 1980. It is a wonderful song, but the cowboys I engaged with today would laugh thinking any cowboy (I use this as a wide ranging term as I myself prefer to be called a stockman or cattleman)  is anywhere near the last one. Things change, methods change, but raising animals in a sustainable, holistic, responsible and caring way continues and will continue. Wrap your kale around that steak baby. We ain't going anywhere.  


Carrie Zylka said...

I love this post! Screw them!