Monday, January 12, 2015

5 reasons I dont engage vegans and animal rights activists any longer (A series) Part 1 Reason #5 Supporting food choices

Hello blog world. Hell of a blogging year I had in 2014 eh? 3 whopping posts! I suppose 1 blog post for every $1 a pound that 400 pound calves were worth is sufficient. $*$ChaaaaaChingggg$*$! Thank You beef consumers worldwide! If I get through this series I will already have more posts in 2015 than 2014.

 So for those of you not involved in agriculture or on Twitter a little background. A young Canadian farmer and dairyman started a hashtag #farm365 in an effort to connect with consumers about how things work in the food growing world. A fairly regular and sometimes heated discussion continues on Twitter using this hashtag but the animal rights activists and vegans have jumped in with their usual drama. This is what inspired this blog series of why I don't engage with the animal rights or vegan activists. This is a reverse order of the reasons that I have chosen this path for myself. I am not suggesting this is the path for all people who produce food. To each their own, engage at your own chosen level, these are just my reasons for the path I have chosen.

I sort of accidently stumbled into the world of vegans and animal rights activists and the deep drama that it entails when I was Washington Cattlemens President (much more on this in tomorrows post). I always knew this element was out there, I just didnt know how batshit crazy much of it was. I suppose since I am offering reasons why I don't engage them I should also point out a few advantages of being aware of this cult.

1. They are highly amusing! I mean who knew that steers (a male bovine that has had his testicles removed) could have babies? Facebook names were removed to protect the I mean the stupid and because they seldom use a real name anyway.
2. They are really gullible and will often post a meme or picture in which they have zero idea of what it represents and think it advances their drama. Like this newborn, healthy, normal calf that has just stood for the first time and is still covered in amniotic fluid.  But, but it is sick from GMOs! Buhahaha Raise your Triple, Venti, GMO free, soy milk, no foam, Latte in protest

 So, reason #5 why I dont engage them. I actually SUPPORT their individual food choice. Often I don't agree with their reasoning for their choice but it is THEIR choice. I think it is great that food is so plentiful in the first world that people have so many food choices. Many people will tell you the food system in the USA and much of the first world is broken. While I agree it isn't perfect it is very efficient, very inexpensive and the choices are wide and AMAZING. When a grocery store in a town the size of Othello, Washington USA population 7634 has a freezer 6 feet tall, 4 levels, and with a linear distance of 47 feet (conservatively estimated by cowboy boot strides) of NOTHING but frozen pizza choices it shows just how wide and diverse our food choices are. Hell, I will look next time, there may even be some vegan pizza choices in that freezer! Yes, maybe it isnt all 100% healthy but I think a few people in many parts of the world would just love to have a shot at trying to decide between a Red Baron, Tonys, DiGiorno, Tombstone, Jacks or Great Value pizza instead of the 2.69 beetles and a golf ball sized lump of rice they have eaten the last umpteen meals. Isn't a huge and cheap food supply a wonderful way to allow us all to have so many food choices? A full belly, in a food secure part of the world sure makes it convenient to be a food preacher full of fire and brimstone as well as allowing judgment of those that make a different food choice from your own! I could be wrong but I am pretty confident that PETA doesn't have a whole lot of Ethiopian addresses on their mailing list of supporters and donors.

Now when I say I don't engage animal rights or vegan activists that doesn't mean I wont "accidentally" blow a few Copenhagen grains in their eye now and again for fun. (For those that don't know Copenhagen in the eye burns hotter than an animal rights activist half way through a tofu burger and learning "Tofu" was the name of the cow that provided the delicious burger)
Again, freedom and choice are such wonderful things!
Thank you all that made it this far. I appreciate all my readers, even vegans and animal rights activists. Remember all pictures can be viewed full size by clicking on them. Now if you will excuse me, I probably have an inbox full of anger that I have to laugh at and not respond to. Heh! And probably a few reasonable people that have some questions about how, what and why I do what I do for a living and how they can exercise their food choices and enjoy safe, wholesome and nutritious beef for their families.

Todays cowman music selection is from the venerable Waylon Jennings singing "Working without a net"

Well, unless of course you are a dolphin hunter in Taiji, Japan then a net is probably preferable.

"Up on the high wire, I hear the crowd begin to call, some want you to fly, some want to see you fall" 

Freedom and choices folks! 



farmnwife said...

You need to start a podcast. It would be hilarious.

Wanda Quiggins said...

Excellent post! I love your straight-from-the-hip style and your twitter name is the best.