Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Cold is here, but in the meantime.....

Just to get a little something up so that I get a semi- regular post here. We have turned cold, highs in the mid 20's and lows in the single digits. This isn't the end of the world it just means a little more management here on the ranch. I spent today making sure every vehicle had an antifreeze level acceptable to the cold temperatures and adding some Power Service brand diesel conditioner to anything that runs on diesel. My past days of trucking especially in Canada taught me what a great product this is. Diesel fuel will turn into something with the consistency of Jello if it gets too cold.

I am lucky in that it looks like our cold weather is going to be accompanied by dry weather which is much preferable to snow. Cattle are much tougher than many people would expect. As long as they have enough feed and a open (non frozen) water supply. With some shelter from the wind, even natural protection like trees or an elevation change they are quite hardy and will survive and even prosper in conditions that would make a human miserable. This past weekend I got the 1st calf heifers out on corn stalks with the bred cows and now they are pretty much on cruise control until the first calves start coming in late February early March. That's the plan anyway. Here is 2221W a first calf heifer this year as newborn in February of 2012

  A young calf in May 2012 and as a pregnant 1st time expectant mother this past week. 

This is the circle of life in Mother Nature that I work with hand and hand everyday and makes me absolutely love what I do and am amazed that I can actually make a living at doing it even though it isn't always perfect or always a really great living from a monetary standpoint. I would do what I do to the verge of starvation just to be able to see this glory everyday. So in my last post here I mentioned we got an early calf that wasn't planned. My daughter was upset that this new calf would not have any playmates owing to the fact that we were not planning on any calves until late February early March. I told her that if one cow had found a way to have an early interlude with a bull I doubted that she was alone and a few more calves would hit the ground early. I am not always right about everything but I know cows and I know how Mother Nature works. Now that first heifer calf has a male (bull) playmate out on the cornstalks.

 Sometimes it is just better to just laugh and appreciate the spontaneity of Mother Nature and count your blessings! As we prepare to face the week of low temperatures with dripping faucets and engine block heaters I want to share my Cowman music selection of today. Chris Knight sings "In the meantime" Love finding this obscure beautiful country music! Enjoy and as always remember all pictures can be viewed full size by clicking on them and comments and questions are always welcome. 
Guitar twang and lyrics like "Sometimes I wonder where my next dollar gonna come from
Keep my head up and something falls out of the sky
Daddy taught me how to use my bootstraps and carry on
He said God will be good to you son if you try" Oh yeah!