Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Chances Are

So a little quick post to finish out 2013. Hopefully I can get in a groove and post here more in 2014. Back in 2010 one of my first blog posts was about how I met my bride. You can read that post HERE 

Todays post is going to be about this incredible woman who has given so much of herself and totally changed the way I view life. Those of you that know me in real life probably already have some idea but those of you that only know me through social media may not know that I am not always an easy person to even like yet alone love. I tend to fight the status quo and I am sometimes just a little too honest in todays politically correct society. The upside is you wont ever really doubt just where I stand on an issue or given situation. Add in a little stubbornness, a whole lot of independence and the fact that I constantly have a few demons that my mind is fighting. She is going to heaven on an express pass simply for the fact that she has put up with my shit. I am not a "Southern Man" but this song by Whiskey Myers gives a little idea of that independence and middle finger attitude that comes along with me. "I can't change my ways but I know who I am, I guess thats somethin' you don't understand." Well she DOES understand and loves me just the same.

She gave up a comfortable life in Texas to come be a ranchwife in Washington. She has given me 3 precious daughters that have added so much to my life and my happiness in this world. She has learned to be quite a cattle sorter and has mercilessly kept the amount of laundry I attempt at a very low level. Her and the children she has given me were not the only but the primary reason I was able to go on after losing my Dad. All of this and not to mention the fact she is smokin hot! 

So to my beautiful, loving, hot and caring wife, thank you so much for always being there and supporting my dreams of being a cattleman working with Mother Nature often at the expense of your own wants. Believing in me even when I don't. Curtis Grimes sings "The Cowboy Kind"

Lastly, it was 19 years ago tonight when I met this incredible angel and I love you so much and cant wait to share our next step in life when we become Grandparents later in 2014. One more song today that I think sums up just how low the chances were the night we met that we would be here today. "One foot on the narrow way and one foot on the ledge, sifting through the devils lies and what the good book says. If I'm going anywhere I'll probably go too far......" Garret Hedlund sings this incredible song "Chances Are". Thank you for helping us beat the odds and Happy Birthday darlin. I owe my life to you! Happy New Year all, and thanks for reading! 


Anonymous said...

What a sweet and beautiful tribute to a wonderful life and wife.