Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Tweet, tweet

So with that last boring ass post I left a teaser. Saying I had done something new the other night that I had never done before. I so knew it would bring ya all back! When you are a person that feels boredom is not only a sin but the worst of all sins you can really gather some guilt when you feel you are contributing to boredom. Usually though my worries about this blog and the amount of boredom it adds to the world are unfounded. Probably the most non politically correct post I have ever posted here is the January 28th post “fly, fly away” It discussed religion and my eccentric views on the subject as related to the environment of an airport. As unbelievable as it seems that old post is the MOST viewed post of any on this blog. From my stat tracker it is not just popular in the US, but Israel, India, and the Middle East as well…go figure!

That is the true joy of the internet and the World Wide Web. You put it out there and some other freak from some other corner of the earth will connect with you and you can never predict where it will come from. I love the internet; it is so antithesis to the cowman experience in so many ways yet at the same time it can be so cowboyesque if you really think about it. Charging forward, living life on the edge, being in anticipation of the great unknown, these are parts of the internet that I feel appeal to my cowman sense of adventure. Now I am not recommending Googling “goat prolapse” in unsafe mode on Google images. Ha, I might as well put up a sign saying “dry paint”, enjoy your view on Google.

I have decided that as much time that I spend online for business, pleasure and WCA activity I should broaden my horizons. I remember how wild I thought I was back in 2005 when I signed up for my first Yahoo account. The day I entered my first voice chat room and spouted political views is now just a distant memory but challenging those who disagree with me in a political sense still appeals to me today. I find that the general public worldwide is wound pretty tight and it makes me chuckle to loosen things up from time to time and pissing off a liberal that does not know any better really makes me smile.

So, I have email (many accounts, some used for only a few hours) I have chatted and since January even a blog! There are a few things I had not yet attempted online and I have decided it is time to do those. The MySpace craze has seemed to come and go and it does not seem like I missed much. I actually did have a MySpace account but it was as a 26 year old pharmaceutical saleslady. You would be amazed at how cute and open minded I was as “Chrissy Jo” and popular…you have no idea! I even had a picture so I HAD to be real, right? This was my little way of checking up on kids on myspace. LOL, anyway, I decided that I should try two things online that I had yet to attempt. Those two things are Facebook and Twitter. I have yet to make a Facebook account but am planning to soon. I did open a Twitter account this week.

I often have short random thoughts that I find fascinating in my day. Now, nobody else may find these thoughts fascinating but Twitter will offer a great way to save these thoughts online when they happen. I also feel it will be a good compliment to this blog as I post some daily happenings when they happen instead of a day or two later. I only had one “follower” on Twitter but I guess if you do not visit her adult website within 2 days she quits following you. I now have 4 followers and hopefully I don’t do anything to drive them away! I also have added a few new bloggers to my list. Someday I will get someone technically savvy to show me how to list them on the blog page. Now if you want to see them I think you have to go to my profile. Anyway, there are some really great “agvocates” out there in the cyber world. I will post an update about my last few days later tonight in another blog post. My twitter account is Larry Olberding Jr.@ TheDailyCowman if you get bored.

Today’s real environmentalist species found on the ranch is Arrowleaf balsamroot aka Balsamorhiza sagittata.

Today’s pictures are of my ChrissyJo profile picture, and also something I found that made me laugh as I bounced around the internet.