Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Stupid, stupid,stupid

I like a good story; I also really love telling a good story. If I can find someone who has a yarn about something I am usually apt to listen, if for no other reason it is because I have a story I am always willing to trade. Part of the reason for this is my genetics. I can’t think of an elder male (and a few females) on either side of my pedigree certificate that did not enjoy hearing or telling a good story. The main reason stories are so good is because they often are about real life. I find humans and their interaction with nature and the world in general the most amusing thing ever. Humans are a great source of wonderful stories. I really do not know why but somehow my life has a natural tendency to lend itself to a good story. It is not that my life is any more interesting than the next guy it is just that somehow shit happens to me both positive and negative with many twists in the course of a normal day.

This story starts last Saturday after Connells football playoff win. Actually that is not true, the story starts months ago. Christine’s vehicle is a 2005 Chevy Blazer. It has been a decent rig but like most Chevy’s it has its share of little issues. When winter approaches and the temperatures lower some of the gauges go crazy. I was on a city street the other day and according to the speedometer I was doing 93. It is not that 93 on a city street has never happened for me but not since the 1980’s. One other gauge that is having fits is the fuel gauge. Last week after the game Dakota and I stopped for gas and I ran inside the store for some snacks for the trip home. When I came out the pump was stopped and I assumed the tank was full and away we went. I did happen to grab a receipt from the pump as an afterthought and put it in my wallet. The gauge read empty all the way home but I paid no attention because I knew it had to be full.

Sunday Chris made one trip to Othello and back. Monday morning came and she drove to work with my assurance that the tank was full. She made it to work without any problem. Monday afternoon I switched vehicles with her because I had to drive to Colfax for the Whitman County Cattlemen’s annual banquet. The Palouse Empire fairgrounds are about 90 miles away from Connell. I left Connell with the gas gauge reading empty but no worries. The roads were better than expected and I was early for the meeting. I want to thank Whitman County for their hospitality, great meal and fun auction. I bought a souvenir picture of a black white faced cow with the heading of “I am an indirect vegetarian; I eat animals that only eat plants, Whitman County Banquet 2010”.

I left the banquet headed home and hoping that the winter storm predicted for that night would not hit before I was safe and sound back home. I was traveling down highway 26 at 124 mph (really about 60) somewhere between Lacrosse and Hooper Washington (no mans land) when the engine quit running. As I coasted to a stop I had a good idea what the problem was. I was hitting my forehead saying “stupid, stupid, stupid”. I found a turnout and pulled to the side of the road and turned on my hazards. I tried to restart the car and it did and then quickly died again. I was OUT of gas and full of grrrrrrrrrr. My cell had no service in this area and I was fooked royally. I did have extra coats, a blanket and coveralls because I like to be prepared for winter driving, double grrrrrrr. I really had no idea how long I might be stuck but I was content to let things fall as they may. Luckily a nice couple with cell service stopped about 30 minute’s later and offered help. I dialed my friend and immediate past President of the Washington Cattlemen’s Association, Dick Coon. Dick was home and I told him of my plight and that I was close to his home and could use assistance. Dick graciously brought me some gas and his lovely wife Paula sent along a hot cup of coffee as well. Thank you so much to both of you. I was once again on my way and I decided to top off my tank at a credit card lock gas pump in Washtucna. As the gas pumped I decided to look at the receipt in my wallet from Saturday. I had only received 4 gallons of gas when the pump had shutoff for whatever reason with the tank obviously less than full! Stupid, stupid, stupid!

Today we actually had a little melt and my brother in law sent two semi loads of hay. Funny how much nicer feeder hay looks when you have lots of snow and little amounts of hay stored!

Today’s real environmentalist species found on the ranch is quackgrass aka Elymus repens.

Today’s picture is another of Mother Natures masterpieces this morning, and the second one is some sideways ice-cycles as they slowly slid off the roof of the hay barn.Remember all pics can be enlarged by clicking on them and yes I know, my comments are not working. This is also a second post for today's date.