Sunday, November 14, 2010

They did what?

Well here it is Sunday morning and I wanted to get a post in while a few things are fresh in my mind from the last few days. Yesterday I returned from our Washington Cattlemens Association (WCA) 85th annual state convention. It is one event that I really look forward to each year and this year it did not in anyway disappoint. I am going to try and not duplicate this blog post with too much information that I will be mentioning in my Ketch Pen article next month for our WCA magazine. Today’s post will focus more on the general parameters of the convention taking into consideration that many who read this post are not WCA members and did not attend the convention.

The annual convention is a chance to gather with other industry participants, a chance to visit old friends as well as a chance to make new friends. We had an incredible turnout this year and there are so many people and organizations responsible for this. Thank you to all the allied industry members, the trade show exhibitors, sponsors, the staff at the Suncadia lodge, speakers, panel discussion participants, WSU cougar cattle feeders, Washington state beef commission board and staff, Endowment trust fund members, people who donated and purchased auction items, entertainment providers, the Washington Cattlewomens members, staff and leadership, leaders and representatives from National organizations connected to our industry and our host county Kittitas Cattlemen and women members and leadership. I could never convey in words the appreciation and thanks you all deserve for making this event a wonderful success.

I also want to especially thank our WCA staff, past, current and future leadership members for all you do not only for this convention but for our organization and industry everyday year after year. The last group I want to mention but certainly not the least in standing is to our membership and convention attendees. Those of you that pay your dues, provide input, communicate with the public and work to help keep our industry viable and vibrant are really the foundation to keeping the WCA functioning.

I have mentioned many times that I often ponder if people who work in the cattle business are maybe just a bit shall we say “special” in their mental aspect. Maybe this thought springs from my own eclectic mentality but I really do believe that things like calving heifers, rescuing baby calves through mouth to nose resuscitation, spending the day in concert with nature and caring for the earths land and animals truly contributes to making a person just a bit different from the general public. I now have irrefutable proof that this is true at least how it relates to members of the WCA. On Friday afternoon at our annual general membership meeting the members decide to confirm yours truly as President of the WCA for the next two years. If that is not proof of some partial mental imbalance I do not know what is.

I have always been in awe of all the time, money, personal sacrifice, travel, thoughts on policy formation, leadership and flat hard work so many are willing to give the WCA and the cattle business. I hold the people in this industry in the highest level of reverence and it is an absolute humbling experience and honor to serve in this position. Those that know me are aware that shyness, soft spoken and often without opinion are terms that are not very synonymous with my personality. I will fully admit though that in the days leading up to convention I was close to pissing down my leg with nervousness over my nomination. The WCA and this industry have given so much to me and my family and I will always be in appreciation for that. All I can do is put forward my best effort to serve the members and industry over the next two years. I hope each of you will help me do this with communication and input. My joy is not in the title of WCA President, but in the desire to pay back this wonderful industry and all of you involved by serving you in a manner that helps to keep you in business and makes you as proud of your leadership choices as I am to be part of such a special group of people.

Today’s real environmentalist species found on the ranch is the hybrid cottonwood poplar aka Populus deltiodes.

Today’s picture is cow 5909G with her heifer calf on April 10th 2010, and her with her calf on November 1, 2010. I am going to try and find as many of these birth to weaning type combination's as I can over the next few weeks to show just how satisfying it is to work with these tremendous animals as you watch them grow. All pictures can be seen in full size by clicking on them.