Sunday, November 7, 2010

Eatin pig weiner

So after my post about all the information and what I look for in a bull and all the information in a bull sale catalog I read my last post. I decided it was probably pretty boring and then my wife confirmed it when I asked her so I won’t go deeper into the bull sale catalog. The point I was trying to make is just how much thought goes into these decisions and why. If you have any questions just email me and I will try to answer your question. I sometimes struggle with what to post here because so many regular readers are in the same line of work as I am and would find explanations for a bull sale catalog boring. Others that are not involved may find it interesting. The last thing I want to do here is take the time to post and have it be boring. Boredom is like the worst possible sin ever. Life offers too many opportunities, venues, people and emotions for boredom to be acceptable.

I have had some fun and some accomplishments the last 3 days and have certainly not been bored. Friday I met my uncle Fred (dad’s brother) to look at some hay and crop stubble to decide how we could possibly best use them to our mutual benefit. He then rode with me to Toppenish to pickup more fall cow calf pairs I had purchased. Yesterday I had plans to work those new cows and calves. Christine and Dakota helped me and we got all the new cows and calves given vaccinations, ear tags and brands. If you want a family exercise that will test patience but make you appreciate each other at the end of the day work some cattle together. I once again have a great deal of thanks to give these two ladies for helping out so I can continue to live my dream. Today they helped me sort, load and move these cows to the hill pasture with the other fall cows. Last night we got a blast of rain and we were wading in mud/cowshit at about mid calf level part of the day. These two ladies never complained once. Other than one incident of Chris stumbling and kneeling in the mud/cowshit we all got along pretty well.

Our family, well really most anyone of the Olberding lineage is some combination of practical jokers and smartasses having a goodtime at others expense on occasion. It is always in good fun but sometimes it can be a bit rough on the victim. Dakota and I both had to turn away because of smiles/chuckling today and Chris was not very amused. I was mostly laughing at the expletives (complete with southern accent) she used to describe the mud/cowshit than the action of her fall. Dakota laughed because she and her sister Samantha have this thing about laughing at people or animals that fall or stumble even if it happens to them. Anytime this happens it is like a mad rush to see who is the first to say, “oh, oh fall down” in our dysfunctional group. Since I have nothing else for tonight I will tell a few short stories about teasing etc in our family and how at the end of the day it keeps us grounded, amused and not taking life too seriously.

One example would be when we were on vacation in Montana a few years ago. Dakota was maybe 7 so Sam was 13 and Amanda 15. One joy of vacation and traveling from my perspective is convenience store junk food. One thing I really like is Oh’Boy Obertos cocktail pep or smoke a roni meat sticks. These things are made with ingredients that alone you would never eat but combined are quite tasty. Pork hearts and beef hearts among the most unnerving especially for young girls between the ages of 7 and 15. I talked the girls into at least trying one and if they did not like it I would eat the rest. As they tried them they admitted they were pretty good even after knowing they were made with beef and pork hearts. As we drove Dakota was reading the ingredient list and eventually came to “dextrose”. “Dad, what is dextrose anyway?” Noticing that her older sisters had not chimed in I asked, “You girls do not know what dextrose is?” they answered that they were not sure. “Dextrose is a fancy name for pig penis.” I said. You could hear screams,squeals and spitting as my wife gave me quite a look as she quickly explained to our girls just what dextrose really is as I laughed. To this day whenever our family talks about cocktail pep, smoke a roni or pepperoni sticks they are referred to as “pig wieners” and we all enjoy them from time to time! LOL

Today’s real environmentalist species found on the ranch is the Chukar partridge aka Alectoris chukar.

Today’s picture is from that trip to Montana in 2004 prior to a rafting trip. I know this will just drive 4 females crazy if I post it here.