Saturday, October 16, 2010

Son of a Beotch

I doubt I will get this posted before midnight but it is at least another post for the month of October. I had a pretty great day today and it was really due to all the great people around me. As I start this post I have nothing really amazing, humorous or profound that I am planning to share but I charge forward anyway with hope, testosterone and stupidity.

Dakota was home from school today which is always a happy occasion not just because she can help with some work but also because I really do enjoy our time we spend together. Much to her detriment I think she thinks a bit too much as her father does but that really makes for some really great discussions and laughs. I am really looking forward to the day when she says something like I would say to her, “Holy shit, are you gonna smoke that bastard or what?” as I try to get a rockchuck lined up in the sights correctly and she laughs.

We started the day checking on the fall calving cows and the calves we had treated for various issues Wednesday evening. Everyone was much better and alive and upright which was enough to make me have a good day. We left those cows with the pipe trailer in tow and headed to the home place pasture. After unhooking the trailer where it would later be needed we went to restart the Dixon place pump and move what we call the “super sprinkler” which is a Nelson 85 end gun connected to 1 to 13 links of aluminum hand line. For those that are lost you can make an appointment next summer. Gus (Dakota) and I will teach ya just what a hand line is and as a bonus show you how to move them.

Then we spent the next couple of hours discussing and looking at calves that we will keep for replacement heifers and show steers. It is early but we have a friend wanting to choose a few steers out of the herd in early November and we will have to make sure he does not take a “fair worthy” steer. I enjoyed a little internal chuckle today as I realized how confusing our conversation would be to an outsider without internal information related to our cows or the cattle business. Here is an example of our conversation.

Me: “What do you think about Bubba’s little brother?”

Dakota: “Well, he is ok, but attitude wise I think 0136w that belongs to the hippie cow would be better.”

Me: “Yeah I guess, but we already have Rainbows calf and you need a steer with some stretch to him, what about 52’s calf?”

Dakota: “52 grandma or 52 little black bitc, err I mean 7052y?”

Me: “To be honest both calves would probably work, and you can say bitch if you wanna, after all Festus’ mom was a bitch.” Technically, Festus is a “son of a bitch”.

Dakota:“ Daddddddd, that’s gross, I don’t know, how about that goggle eyed 0158?, And please concentrate this is important”

Me: as I turn towards Festus, “What do you think you sonnaofabitch?”

Dakota: “Dadddddddddddd!”

The conversation would be like listening to a Vietnamese person ordering Greek food from a Taco truck in Kosovo if you were not in the loop.

We finished our work and then I delivered Christine’s lasagna and some frosted pumpkin bread from my Mom to the neighbors that lost their patriarch yesterday. I told them to not hesitate to call and told them how much their husband; father and grandfather would always brighten my day whenever I chatted with him. I know I mentioned it yesterday but may God bless this family as they prepare for services and deal with so many other things.

I then headed to Eltopia to the Bonina facility to help weigh, vaccinate and log in bulls for our Washington Cattleman’s Bull test and sale. I think that I should save that experience, the after dinner and tomorrow for another blog post.

Today’s real environmentalist species found on the ranch is the Redhead duck aka Aythya Americana.

Today’s picture is my Festus (who technically is a son of a bitch) going crazy with a cornered rock chuck this spring. Remember all pics can be seen in full size by clicking on them.