Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The boys of fall

So here it is after midnight on an early Tuesday morning. With all the evenings I have had the ability to post a blog and have declined I am wondering why I am doing one at this odd time. Of course I am also the type of person that laments for hours over whether it is politically correct to make “small” talk with a midget?

The fall season is here and the early sunsets really make me look forward to climbing into bed at a much earlier hour than in the summer. Tonight I had a fair market stock committee meeting in Kennewick and on the way I noticed the sun is now setting before the 7 p.m. hour which is just depressing no matter how many pharmaceuticals are coursing through your body.

A lot has happened since I last posted here. Last weekend we attended the nuptials of a young couple we know. This makes sense because I have never attended the wedding of a young couple I did not know but I plan to in the future. Congrats Danni and Blake aka Nacholibre, and thank you to both families for the great reception and party. When yours truly drives home because I was the sober one and the next day has to explain to my wife most of what happened the night before because she drank too much to remember it is a great party in my mind. I hope nobody was too upset that Cody, Erica and I let the Traeger BBQ and the bacon wrapped chicken thighs catch fire. Let that be a lesson to anyone. If you have midnight snacks that do not include beef bad things likely will happen!

This past weekend was rainy mostly but Dakota, Christine and I did do some tagging, vaccinating and miscellaneous work on some pairs and yearling heifers and got them moved on Saturday. Friday night we attended the Connell football game and watched the Eagles trample Mabton 62-0 after leading 48-0 at halftime. We have been attending the games quite regularly because my 8th grade daughter is wearing the visiting team jersey of a young freshman suitor that has made the varsity team. (*eye roll* *teeth grate* and reluctant *smile*. Actually the games are pretty fun but not as fun as they were when I was a young man on the field. Kenny Chesney has a recent song about high school football called “The boys of fall” The song really captures the essence of what high school football is all about.

Because I loved high school football so much I am going to fill two blog posts with memories connected to the lyrics of this song. I have a good friend that coaches grid kid’s football. A few years ago he was able to rally his team to him while at the same time gain the scorn of a few mothers with a quote on the first day of fall practice. He told the young men that day, “Football is the most fun you can have with your clothes on as a young man!” I could not have argued with his assessment of this All American right of autumn. The song starts off appealing to senses that are forever locked in your mind “when I feel that chill and smell that fresh cut grass, I’m back in my helmet, cleats and shoulder pads” Anyone who has ever experienced that will always remember. The song then talks about standin in the huddle, the crowd cheering and going crazy and how it was an exclusive club that not just anyone was part of because it took every ounce of heart and sweat and blood. Ladies may find this thought juvenile and pathetic but honestly it is a huge part of not only being a young man but an adult male as the years roll by. “To get to wear those game day jerseys down the hall, kings of the school man were the boys of fall”. It carries on into adulthood in that feeling of working for something and having it pay off by being recognized.

The song then talks about the game itself “Well turn and face the stars and stripes, it’s fightin off them butterflies, I remember those times so clearly. Standing next to your buddies, in reverence to your flag and country and at the same time your legs were twitching knowing the whole night you would be facing #67 or whoever on the far sideline. Then they talk about the game itself which will be the focus of my next blog post. The song also mentions how important it is to a small town and the town’s history and identity. The song also talks about the input of the “old men” who know it all and how the girls will dream about the boys of fall.

That reminds me of my dad and so many other dads that helped and believed in us. I know some of you will remember those late summer mornings in Basin City as they tried to show us and make us believe in our potential. I often talk about embracing life and how important it is. At the same time I will always believe that no matter how much you seize the joy of high school football, it is a feeling like few others you will enjoy in life.

Today’s real environmentalist species found on the ranch is the alsike clover aka Trifolium hybridum.

Today’s picture is cow number 9912G with her steer calf #0912 which is a big boy this fall.