Friday, May 7, 2010

Rain makes corn, corn makes whiskey

Well this is not my normal time to post but it is out of necessity that I am doing this now. I really am going to try and post something here daily and here it is the 7th of May and for Larry Mahans sake this is only my second post. I am going to give just a quick update on the last two days and why I am posting in the early evening.

You know how a good saddle horse senses things from his or her observations? They see you putting fuel in the pickup, hooking up the stock trailer, grabbing saddles and putting spurs on and they immediately know it is going to be a long day for them. I am experiencing something like that tonight. We do not have any kids at home tonight; Christine opened a beer as soon as she got home and jumped in the shower. Now as a seasoned saddle horse (husband) I know that means I am in for a longgggggg night. If she puts her spurs on I will likely be plumb tuckered out by the time I am brushed down for the night. Anyway…..

Yesterday I took a few butcher cows to the auction. The cattle market for most all classes is pretty nice right now. Especially butcher cows which are as high as I recall them being in my lifetime. Now for those not understanding the cattle business do not get any wild ideas. These high prices means bills are paid on time, you try and upgrade at least one item that has been on its last legs for years and you finally buy your wife that new ring, necklace or spurs as the moment may dictate.

While I was at the auction yesterday I had a pleasant surprise. My “fair wife” (more on that later) Debby and another mutual friend Shelly stopped by the auction for other business. I would like to personally thank them both for coming into the actual sale ring and sitting next to me and talking to me. I was given a totally new level of respect among the regular auction attendees just because two unknown pretty ladies talked to me. You two also helped the butcher cow market for the time that you were there because no cow buyers were focused on weights or body condition scores while you were there. Shelly, the high heels and open toes really were a treat for all the auction participants. After you both left everyone was asking who you two ladies were. I assured them that you two were cattle truck drivers that were employed by me and that I had given you the day off. Thanks again for stopping in and chatting. ; )

I was able to leave the auction early enough yesterday to make it to Connell to watch Dakotas’s softball game. It was a real nail biter. I am not sure of the final score but it was something like 20-6 in Connells favor. Nice job girls and nice job on your third at bat Gus. Keep your head down like Dad tells you and that is how the hits will be! I also know you laughed a bit when that girl face planted at home plate. That’s ok, your Dad did too.

Today I spent the morning changing water and the afternoon moving any bovine that was not in the right place to the right place. Other than one spring yearling heifer in the fall calving pairs and one fall pair in with the spring pairs life is total perfection or at least as close to perfection as it gets. For you religious types please pray for me. Barring any injuries tonight I will be back tomorrow.

Today’s real environmentalist species found on the ranch is the Killdeer aka Charadrius vociverous.

Today’s picture is a video tribute to my uncles. Do you two remember when we went from 4 rows of corn planting to 6 rows? Remember how exciting that was for us, Dad and Grandpa? Here are 16 rows of corn being planted at almost 5 m.p.h. on unit 63B.