Monday, May 17, 2010

Hen squids for sale

A productive Monday was all I really wanted today. Luckily I got my wish, no massive projects completed of any kind but several small things that I had been putting off got done. I almost feel as if I am within reach of being caught up on work. Tomorrow I have to travel to Ellensburg for our WCA monthly meeting and that will fill most of the day so I will quickly get right back to where I usually am…behind. We have had some really great and warm weather the last few days. The corn has popped out of the ground for the most part and I noticed today enough had come up that you could see the rows clearly.

The cows and calves look excellent. In fact the cows are probably fatter than they need to be but this time of year that is not really a bad thing. The grass still looks pretty good but the cheat grass in the dry range areas is headed out and now turning brown. Having the spring calving cows on the triticale and giving the home and Dixon place pasture an extra month of growth this spring really made a difference in total feed resources. The fall pairs and spring yearling heifers look good and so does their respective grass. All I need to do now is keep irrigation water moving the rest of the summer and life will be rainbows and unicorns.

Being that all I have to do these days is change water, watch cows, change water, do irrigation maintenance, change water, do some office work, change water and change water it gives me lots of time to think. Somehow the thoughts of unhook pipe, lift pipe, walk 60 feet with pipe, re-hook pipe is not enough to fill ones mind. Actually that is not nearly as boring as the other condition which entails, go back and do over. Anyway, giving me time to think is not always good. My mind jumps freely from one subject to another with about the same level of commonality as the Pope has with Christy Canyon. If you do not know who Christy Canyon is you can Google her but you probably wont find much if your search setting is “safe”.

The reason I bring her up is because this morning I had a mainline riser blow off and soak me with water which reminded me of one of her films, well one of her films I heard about anyway. From there my mind jumped to wondering if porn stars have to have money deducted from their checks for labor and industries insurance. If they do is the rate high or low? For that matter does a nun have to have unemployment insurance deducted from her check? Has there ever actually been a nun that filed for unemployment benefits? Was there anything in the stimulus package that directly benefited nuns or porn stars?

That pretty much filled my mind for the first hand line. Driving to the second hand line I heard on the radio that Ronnie Dio died today. Then I wondered how many fellow cowmen even know who Ronnie even was. Back in my high school and college days I was a bit of a “metal head” and quite possibly was the first person in a cowboy hat that was not a University of Texas graduate at a concert to flash the “devil horns” that Ronnie made famous. My next thought was if Black Sabbath had been called Almond Friday if it would have been as popular.

At the next hand line I found a bull snake which made me wonder what the correct term for a female bull snake is. Can there be a heifer bull snake or if she has had babies is she a cow bull snake? I actually found out there is no specific name for male or female snakes and in addition I found out that a female squid is a hen and a male squid is a cock. Now I am set for the next hand line. Is an octopus able to pray 4 times faster than a human?

Today’s real environmentalist species found on the ranch is the tick aka Ioxdes sp., many species in eastern Washington.

Today’s picture is fat cow number 2928g with her growing steer calf 0928g.