Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Wang Heriberto Mansoor-Anderson cattle transport

After spending too much of March in serious mode I decided today would be a good day to post something light hearted. Today was a mostly good day and everything went as planned. The sun was out once again and it was beautiful. The other day I saw something that my twisted mind just could not ignore. That is the subject of today’s post.

Last week when I went to the auction and after I had unloaded cattle I decided I needed to go get some fuel. Toppenish is a town that sits on an Indian reservation. On the west side of the main highway there is a convenience store that usually has the cheapest diesel in the area. It also has great prices on tobacco products but I am sure they collect the full tax from “non tribal” members like myself. Wink wink. When I got to the store I was disappointed to see that it was closed for renovations. I found a place to turn around and then waited to enter the road because of an approaching semi truck. I am not big on the color yellow but this was a nice 379 longhood Peterbilt and the yellow looked ok thanks to some bright purple striping and writing on the door. Like many owner operators this gentleman had his name in large letters on the side.

Sterling Alvarez Trucking” really caught my eye and set my mind in motion. Over the last week I have used that experience to pass time whenever my mind gets bored. Now I don’t know about you but seeing an Alvarez surname connected to a first name like Sterling was odd and amusing to me. I am almost disappointed I have not seen a truck door that reads “Delbert ‘Bubba’ Rodriguez” flying down the highway. Once you get started with this game it is kind of fun and something that should always be a challenge. This game can also be fun when worked in reverse. When was the last time you saw a potato truck with Porfirio Johnson painted on the side?

It is really too bad that taxi drivers do not paint their names on the side of their cars. Maybe you could get a ride from the airport to your hotel with Habib Smith-Jones. If I was running late for a flight and saw Abdul Rashid Earnhardt on the side of a taxi cab it would calm me down immediately. What would really make my day is to see a taxi cab with Coy Boutros Boutros Ghali at the wheel. Maybe somewhere there is a Chevy Monte Carlo cab that has been lowered with Javier Bin Laden Taxi service written on the door.

I doubt there is one anywhere but do you think just maybe there is some guy named Mohammed Ginsburg in the world? If there is do you think there is much chance he has a pork store with his name on a sign? That makes me go back to the potato trucks and try and picture Rashid Ronald Rodriquez in fancy lettering. I for one would really be happy to see a Nascar driver named Biff Bloody Knife Chan tearing around Talladega in a car sponsored by Ortega but maybe that’s just me.

As you can see this can occupy your mind for great amounts of time. I have not even got started with female names and I have been at this almost a week now. I hope this levity is helpful to each of you as it has been for me. Email me some of your own and I will share some of the best ones (in my opinion) here.

Today’s real environmentalist species found on the ranch is creeping red fescue aka Festuca rubra.

Today’s picture is of some Sandhill cranes taking flight from the home pasture today.