Monday, March 11, 2013

Blog school and Chicken lights

So the past few days I have been studying in "Blog school". Well technically it is a Facebook group called "Blog overhaul" led by a great agvocate, blogger and all around nice lady named Judi Graff. Check out Judi's site and blog at  
I met Judi and her husband Bill "in real life" (IRL) at NCBA's annual convention in Nashville in 2012 after following her blog and Twitter account. I was invited to this group but was hesitant about joining for several reasons. In my first post on the site I thanked her for the invite but hoped that I would not be the dunce student of the class. Everyone else in the class already had better blogs in my opinion then I could ever dream of having. Content is not a problem for me, dealing with technical issues, updates and getting things to look how I want them to look constantly test my patience level.

Growing up I did pretty well in school, not spectacular but other than some algebra math I was a mostly B student and a sometimes A student. Part of my problem was I could cruise and get a B or give some extra effort and concentration and get an A. Now you know why I got mostly B's and just squeaked by on GPA to be allowed to wear a coveted "honor cord" at graduation. One other issue for me that I still fight with today is patience. For instance just today on my way to Dakotas volleyball tournament I was third in line at a red light. I have never comprehended why everyone is not like me and famous drag racer Don "The Snake" Prudhomme and constantly trying to understand why everyone does not have a 0.084 reaction time. You can practice here   so you don't piss me off next time you are ahead of me at a traffic light. Green means go damn it and those clutch plates can take a little slippage!

So back to blog school. My blog DID need an overhaul no doubt. My comments were not working despite literally hours of actually some pretty good effort on my part to fix them. My blog was certainly a bit bland and I decided to give blog overhaul a try. Things did not start off well for me. I would try something new, not like it and then struggle to at least get back to where I was in the beginning. I could not just cruise and get a B I was going to have to give some effort and take a pass/fail. I have been close to quitting the whole blogging thing more than a few times and I was getting close once again. 

Well teacher Judi stepped in, offered to help me out and 4 great things have happened. Because of her attention to the guy (me) that felt like I was a 23 year old senior that was still hanging around thinking maybe that the more years I was here the better the chance of being elected class President in High School.

 On the main page you will see some new tabs for new pages.
1. I now have an "about" tab that will be evolving but sums up what I want to offer to readers and who I am.
2. There is now a "contact" page where you can get all the information needed to engage with me about the blog as well as Twitter and Youtube. You can also now easily subscribe by email with the little "follow" widget in the right hand sidebar of the blog.
3. Judi got my comments section fixed! Now anyone including my old cowboy friends can respond to individual blog postings.
4. I have some renewed blog energy and think more engagement from readers will compound that.  

So now that I have a YouTube channel here is my latest upload from a twin bull calf that is seen in our mud room at the top of the page. You might also notice that I must be waiting for someone to offer some cash for broken down old Tony Lama work boots by looking in the background of the picture HA!

So tonights Cowman twang music selection is from Jesse Watson called "Chicken lights and chrome" the beginning of this song and the little rift from about the 2:24 to 2:36 mark in this video are pure twang heaven! So please give me some feedback on the new "chicken lights" that the blog is sporting and as always thank you for reading!



Leslie Alexander said...

Testing, testing, one, two, three- good job Larry!

judi @ farmnwife said...

Very excited for you. You obviously have a lot to say.

Anonymous said...

Larry if you got home without yellow stuff all over the passenger seat,dash, or that little hole you put your hand in to close the door then you are the luckiest man in the world