Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Country music? what and why?

So before general life takes over and I have no connection to my last post let's continue with just what I feel country music is. I had an incredible day here on the ranch, 6 new calves, 2 more that will arrive before daybreak in my estimation and sunshine, no disasters and lots of music and fun! I feel today's calves born and their respective mothers are a good example of why I enjoy the variety of the country music scene. To me country music consists of several things, tradition, lyrics, instrumental composition including "twang" and feeling (emotion). Some songs only capture one of these, some capture many and the true classics to me capture all of them. I hope you enjoy these pictures (viewed full size by clicking on them) and videos that I think represent these different values that manifested themselves today as I roll on through spring calving season.

Tradition, these would be older songs that have a "classic" feel to them. Something from the past that although hard to find on today's radio waves are great songs just the same. The first calf I tagged today was #3008 a black bull that is the son of #9008 a 14 year old cow. This lady gets a bit tougher to keep each year. Her age and her teeth dictate she should be culled but she seems to hold her flesh and raise above average calves, as long as she continues to do so she will stay but her life is definitely coming to a close.  A country song that I feel encapsulates her classic stay ability and tradition is John Anderson singing "1959" 

   The next cow/calf pair that happened today was #3202 and her mother #1302. This is a first calf heifer that actually has a name "Crybaby" she was born in 2011 and earned her name from the fact that no matter how close her mother was to her she was constantly bawling like she was lost. Dakota and I have are highly amused because her new heifer calf is exactly the same way! Very Vocal and constantly bawling any time a teat is not in her mouth. Here is Crybaby with her first calf and as a newborn

Lyrics are part of what makes country music so great. So many great song writers and their ability to wordsmith are always amazing to me. When you can have a song that talks about mental illness and still be amusing that is incredible in my mind. Here is Jon Conlee singing "I don't remember loving you" lyrics like "but everyone I know here in this place is very strange, if you'll hand me my crayons I'll be glad to take your name." Great lyrics.

Now we move on to instrumental which can show through so many songs especially "twang" which can be a steel guitar, a dobro, drums, fiddles are awesome or even a banjo or a piano at times. A cow that calved today that to me represents "twang" is #12R. This is not my cow sadly, but a friends that I help out by taking care of his cows during the winter. To me "twang" represents something different. I do not want all my cows to look the same, I don't want all my days to be the same, "twang" is what sets things apart. 

 This cow is an American White Park cow and as you can see she passed on her unique markings to her heifer calf. A country song that represents "twang" and something a bit different to me is Keith Anderson singing "Pickin Wildflowers" this song also has some stellar lyrics."Gonna get a little peace on earth!" Oh twang me Santa Claus.


So to wrap up this post I need a cow and a song that represents emotion and feeling. In this instance I actually have a video for both! The cow is #0002 a second calver from a stellar background of cows. I was able to get a video today of tagging her calf, my first YouTube video posting.  


A song that encapsulates tradition, lyrics, instrumental and emotion altogether is this beauty by Vern Gosdin, "Chiseled in Stone." I thank you all for following and reading this blog. I hope you all had at least as great of a day as I did!