Thursday, November 29, 2012

Heaven? Look in the middle of Nowhere!

So here I am again tonight trying like hell to get something posted. The last 2 days have been super busy but also very productive and mostly enjoyable. Other than a broken rear sliding window on Griselda and the fact that I am not sleeping right now even though tomorrow needs to be a very early start day everything else has been great. Well, other than the fact that tonight on my way back from the cattle auction I got a call about cows being out. There is nothing worse than getting that call when you are 80 miles away. Well, other than the fact that it was already dark! Luckily some good friends were closer than I was and by the time I had torn up that 80 miles the cows were where they were supposed to be! Thank you Mike, Smiley, Joey, Connor and Colby! That is why tomorrow will be an early day because I plan to be back to those cows at first light just to make sure everything is in order.

I shipped some of my steers yesterday and almost made a huge mistake that Dakota would have kicked my ass for! I accidentally shipped 1 of her fair steers for this years show season. I realized my mistake last night though and today #2231W who will soon be given an actual name came back home from the auction yard in Toppenish. My steer calves sold really well today and I am proud to say there ARE some calf buyers that ARE willing to pay for weaned and vaccinated calves. I probably would have gotten the same money 40 days ago for fresh weaned calves but sometimes the market just works that way. I did get the very high end of what 625 weight calves were worth today and topped the sale. Toppenish Livestock Commission has two great owners and a stellar staff and do a tremendous job of marketing cattle at auction. They are also very accommodating when some idiot takes one of his daughters show steers to market and needs to sort said calf off and bring it back home! 

The broken window on Griselda was just an unfortunate thing that happens when some guy locks his keys in his pickup because his mind is in 50 million other places. So today's pictures are just a few I have had the wonderful opportunity to take over the last year and can all be viewed full size by clicking on them. Sometimes this life is less than perfect and often it is not easy but I am so thankful to lead the life I do. Tomorrow a check will be deposited and then all up and down main street bills will be paid and I will get to spend another day working with Mother Nature.   

 Today's Cowman You Tube music selection is from a great artist named Matt Mason.Although the song is about a musical artist certain lyrics like "It ain't a job, it's an answer to a prayer." Really hits home for me because I have truly found "Heaven in the middle of Nowhere!"