Thursday, September 6, 2012

Food stamps and frustration

I really do not like to use this blog as a political forum or as something that is controversial but go to both of these links and then tell me that government, taxpayer spending, and the direction of this country makes sense to you.

Wolves in Washington State, millions of dollars being spent 

Record number of people in this country on food stamps and lacking basic food security

"Roaneo" is at the Columbia Basin Junior Livestock show and is content and ready for the next four fair days. Tonight a large community of agriculture people came together to get animals weighed and entered, served a great meal to both exhibitors and parents, and people wonder why I am proud to be part of a community that understands what it means to live a simple life, supports economic freedom,and supports our youth and the future of this great nation.

Today's picture is "Precious" with her first calf. Her life story is coming in a later blog post.

Where did common sense go? Ok, so I am not near as angry in life as this Cowman Youtube music selection might convey, nor am I as sick of everyone portrayed in  my good friend Tim Wilsons song and video. But, in general this sums up why I don't have a television connection, and am always on the edge of just leaving the bigger world and retreating to my own simple life.Remember this song and video was from 2007, so some of the ideas are a bit dated, it in no way means I am in love with today's political scene! *Language warning on the video* if you don't like a bit of profanity when it fits the situation, do not click on the Youtube video!