Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A Happy Man

Summer is flying by like they always seem to do and I just have to buckle down at get to this page more often. I did finally accomplish one of my New Years resolutions last week and made a Facebook page. So far I am not really sold on all the joys of Facebook but I will be patient and see how it goes. 

The main reason I wanted to post tonight was because of a couple of events in the world and some memories connected to those events. I have been really missing Dad lately and this memory is related to him and certainly the kind of man he was. Today (well Monday) was the 23rd anniversary of the death of bull rider Lane Frost. Lane was only 25 years old and took hard a hit to his ribs from a bull named Takin care of Business after he had completed his ride. Lane died that day in the arena in Cheyenne Wyoming when a broken rib punctured his heart.

In 1994 there was a movie entitled 8 Seconds based on Lane Frosts short life. Dakota was not even born yet but when she was very young she would watch that movie over and over. All of my nieces and nephews also often would watch 8 seconds at Grandma Judys and Grandpa Larrys often with Grandpa snoozing in and out of slumber as the movie ran. It was one of those viewings of 8 seconds with 5 of his grandkids beside him (Dad) that is the subject of my memory and story.

I don't know the exact event of why so many of the currently birthed grandkids were at mom and dads  that particular day but I know that Dakota, SalliRose, Chase,Alex and Jake were all there. I am guessing this around 2003 or so just by remembering the approximate age of the kids at the time. I walked into the kitchen, said hello to mom and we laughed at how quiet the house was despite the kids being there. Mom commented that they were all upstairs watching 8 Seconds with "papa". I first went up the stairs thinking that I would sneak up behind them and scare them because I knew they would have their attention glued to the screen. When I got to the top of the stairs I noticed the movie was right at the point where Lane, Tuff and Cody were flying over the Cheyenne Days arena. Lanes last ride was about to take place. I just kind of knelt there quietly and watched as the scene took place. For those of you that remember he dismounts after his ride, the bull then turns around and gores him, then he stands up, takes a few steps and collapses. The next scene is of him being carried out of a church in a casket. 

Now that isn't the end of the movie but there was not a dry eye in the family room at that moment. You could tell that even papa was choked up a bit. Very suddenly dad jumped down on the floor on his knees, shut off the television and yelled "who thinks they can ride Red Rock?!!" 5 kids that had just been sitting there in total sadness jumped from their places and started to try and ride the spinning and bull sounding Red Rock aka Dad. He would let them ride for a bit and then buck them off and chase them to the fence (couch). They had all totally forgotten about the sad movie and were now shrieking in delight.

I know my Dad had many happy days in his life so to compare this particular moment to so many others in his life probably would not be fair but I can tell you this. At that moment my Dad was a very happy man, a content man, a man who loved his life, loved his family and loved making all of us happy. I just watched in awe at the way he had handled that moment in life and knew I had a lot to learn still in life. Teaching by doing, showing an example. Thank you Dad for that cherished memory from that day.

I think I may have used today's picture sometime before but it is Dad with Dakota at her second fair.

Today's music selections are from George Fox singing "Here's Hoping (There'll Always be a Cowboy) and Colby Yates sings "The kind of Man He Was." Both of these songs have great lyrics and music and the George Fox song has some great pictures as well! Enjoy!

I miss you buddy and I think about you every day and all that you taught and gave to me!