Thursday, June 16, 2011

Anybody got an ax?

I am going to post this direct to the blog page tonight in the interest of time. Today was a day of travel as I headed to Olympia Washington. I had 3 travel companions today, Jack our Executive Vice President of the Washington Cattlemen's (WCA) Association, Vic our WCA 1st Vice President who is aka "sidewinder" and Chelsey a WSU Animal Science student/Vet school student and who is currently spending part of her summer on the ranch with my family as an intern. The objective of our trip was to watch and hear arguments before the Washington State Supreme court related to our ability to provide water for our cattle. I will not go into specifics of this protracted legal battle but rather comment on a few observations I made today.

Now, first and foremost these views, opinions and comments are my own and in no way should be hung upon Jack, Vic or Chelsey aka "Havarti cheese girl". The first thing I noticed today is people on that side of the state don't understand the rules of MY road very well. One rule they really ignore is that when I turn on a left or right turn signal on Griselda it means they have 3 seconds to get the hell out of my way. Sorry son, but your Volvo "grocery getter" might as well back off when Griselda wants to change directions and you don't need to honk at me in appreciation for not driving over the top of you.These people do not even know how to give a proper "thumbs up", they use their damn middle finger. If people would focus a bit more they would have noticed the cowboy hat worn by the driver and I would not even have to use my turn signals! You just can't find people with good manners anymore.

We made it to our state capital and the first thing I noticed was the lack of people now that the legislative session is over. I also noticed how quiet it was and the amazing lack of lies, empty promises and bullshit. Refreshing actually. The Supreme court of our state is located right next to the capitol building. Here was where I really noticed something shocking. If I want to pay my property taxes or pay a traffic ticket in Franklin County, like for illegal lane changes, I have to almost get neekid to do so. Full security, metal detectors, belt buckle has to be removed, apple, potato and testicle cutting knives have to be left behind to even get into the courthouse for the issue of "safety". Well apparently at the Supreme court level it is not an issue. They did not even have any law enforcement present that I could see. As Ronald Reagan so eloquently said, "government IS the problem."

The next thing I noticed today is not nearly as easy or politically correct to talk about as the things I have mentioned so far. I know they say beauty is in the eye of the beholder and knowing this I really struggled to be objective and kind as I made assessment of people in the courtroom today. For the most part I would say that the people represented a very average cross section of the everyday citizenry except for one segment of society that was represented today. Is it some kind of requirement to be freakin butt ass ugly to be an envirowhacko? Do you have to look like you have been subject to a terrible fire to your face that was subsequently extinguished with an ax? Let me tell you, I have seen felines on the pavement that had weighed a Peterbilt with their head that looked better.Anyway, a pretty good day in court, time will tell but I feel better tonight about the issue than I did before today's judicial exercise.

I finally have my new center pivot putting down water after some real struggles. Somewhat overbudget and damn sure over completion date but it is up and running over a new crop of corn. In the long run this will be a very good thing. I still have not purchased a new camera so today's picture is an older one of Festus that shows how much more attractive he is than an envirotard.

Today's real environmentalist species is....oh hell, whatever check this video out and tell me if my views from today are not correct.