Tuesday, February 22, 2011

This ain't no thinkin thing

I had a great week last week and got so many things accomplished. I need to have another great week of accomplishments again and I can be somewhat “caught up” again. So far this week has gone pretty well but it looks like winter is going to give us at least one more shot before the month ends. All things considered it has been an excellent January and February for calving considering the rough late November and December we had weather wise.

I spent the first part of the morning finishing my article for our Washington Cattlemen’s monthly publication the “Ketch Pen”. I also spent some time updating my cow records and deciding if and what I might market over the next few weeks. If only I had the crystal ball that foretold the future it would be so much easier to make those choices. I have never actually seen a crystal ball before but I did go see a psychic/palm reader when I was in college. I should have known that she was a fraud the moment she was willing to take a check in payment and she could not guess my name. She did however say I was going to disappoint someone in the near future so who knows.

Dakota was home yesterday for Presidents Day and she helped me put up and take down lots of hotwire fence. Thanks for the help Gus. Today I finished some fencing at a new cornfield where I am going to move some cows to this week. The sun was out and it was a productive and fun day. I know pounding in fence posts in the wind does not seem like fun to some people but I really enjoy building fence when the ground is frost and mostly rock free like it was today. It gives you time to mull over and think about many things. Some of those things are useful and productive and some are just wasteful and trashy but still time to think is mostly a nice thing.

I guess for lack of other blog material I will share some of those thoughts that crossed my mind this afternoon. Why did “yellow” win in the contest of most popular corn color? Corn comes in all types of colors and even mixed colors like Indian corn but today most corn is yellow. Is that because yellow tended to be the most productive? Or was it because people just felt purple Fritos would be so wrong? Maybe the guy that invented the section of the phone book with business listings had something to do with the decision on the color? Maybe it was because the Chicago Mercantile Exchange did not have a contract for #2 red corn. I think I took some ibuprofen about the time I finished mulling this issue. Awwww, show me a sane man and I will quickly cure him of his disease!

Next I went to a whole different thing wondering about the name origin of things like cow, bull, heifer, steer, etc. I took that a step farther in wondering why there has to be a difference in terms between a steer, a wether, a barrow and a gelding. That led me to wonder what you call a castrated tarantula. I mean besides just saying a nut less tarantula of course. I have no control over how my mind works clearly as my next pondering was if anyone has ever contemplated if they can afford to buy a safe? How come people never write a “self help” book for themselves? You know the nice thing about living in my own little world is everyone knows me here and agrees with me!

I went in to the local Wal Mart this evening to purchase a few items. I needed a few new extension cords and purchased them, a new stereo for Griselda and one box of butter. The clerk looked at me like I was a real freak but I think I know why. How many Caucasian males above age 9 without tattoos purchase butter on a Tuesday evening at a Wal Mart?

On the way home I saw an ambulance and that led to a thought. If the Red Cross blood mobile was in a terrible accident with many injuries would that be tragic or handy?

Today’s real environmentalist species found on the ranch is the common nighthawk aka chordeiles minor.

Today’s picture is cow number 1901G enjoying her afterbirth. Now I am wondering if cow placenta could possibly taste like chicken.