Wednesday, July 28, 2010

This is why it is called the "boob tube"

My mother has been away this week. Her and my oldest sister are down visiting my middle sister in New Mexico. I cannot really say much more because my mom is just sure that there are some burglars that lurk online just waiting to find a blog that gives them the information they need to commit their crimes. I do not mean to make light of being careful online because that certainly is an issue. I do however doubt there are many online stalkers just dying to break into a house to steal canned goods, hairspray and every frozen ice cream treat known to mankind which are the three most numerous items in her house. Besides, Dakota and I have been staying there at night to enjoy her excellent air conditioning, Direct TV and frozen ice cream novelties.

I have never been a real big television person. Sure, there was a time as a child that I wanted to watch “Speed buggy” or “Scooby Doo” but that was mainly based on Debbie and Daphne’s respective mini skirts. When I was a pre teen Miss Marcia Brady then later as a teen Miss Daisy Duke could make me focus on a TV schedule to some degree. There have also been a few programs over the years that I truly do enjoy such as “The Sopranos” and “Deadliest Catch” but I would much rather watch them on DVD on my own schedule or when they have “marathons” of these programs throughout the year. For that reason and because I am basically a red neck hick we do not have cable, satellite TV or other television service here at home. *GASP* In fact, we have never had any of these services over the time that Chris and I have been married for many reasons.

Spending the last few evenings with access to television made me debate this stance but also confirmed that I have made the correct choice. I tend to operate in the reality world or at least what I perceive to be reality. Because of this it affects what type of programs I enjoy. I have caught up on the previously mentioned Deadliest Catch and what the Bering Sea crabbers have dealt with especially the passing of Captain Phil Harris this year. I also have watched a few History Channel episodes of things I found interesting and that I felt added to my knowledge of the world. There are also all kinds of sports type shows which made me think maybe I should get a dish installed for my evening enjoyment.

Just when I think I should buck up and spend money on a monthly subscription I take a cruise through the dial (channel guide) and see why I really do not plan on doing this anytime soon. I found “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” and holy crap did I ever shake my head. Now I am all for the idea to each their own but DAMN. You have some 40 plus year old bimbo going in to her plastic surgeon for her 4th, yes 4th time to do a breast augmentation! If you have watched the show it is painfully clear that Danielle desperately needs her 1st brain augmentation WAYYYYYY more than she needs her butter bags lifted for the 4th time. Holy batshit Robin do people actually watch this crap on a regular basis?

The other problem with watching TV in the evening is the constant blows to your self esteem. Apparently the programmers and product selling companies have decided that most everyone have breasts, credit ratings and tallywhackers that are too small coupled with asses, debt levels and stomachs that are too big. Sadly I also must admit that Gregory Peck and John Wayne do not seem near as impressive when you realize they gallop their horses over the same 12 feet of ground over and over in those old westerns I once loved so much.

Then you have all the “experts” on TV that are trying to tell you how to make your life better. I am sorry but as someone who gets to work outside, work around nature and cattle I just cannot see how some “Dr.” Phil that has to wear a suit and tie and talk to losers for an hour each day is going to tell me anything that I have not figured out better than he has. I guess I could use a little help though because one program focused on what dress some movie star wore to some event and how “atrocious” it was. I really did not see the problem other than the fact that she would have looked better in some boots, Wranglers and a tube top running a sorting gate while keeping her mouth shut.

Today’s real environmentalist species found on the ranch is the Sand wasp aka Bembix rostrata.

Today’s picture is a video of some fall calving cows being unloaded today in a new pasture. I am thinking maybe there should be a show “Real calf raisers of North Franklin County” If you notice none of them need their teats augmented and they are all much more attractive and some are in better physical condition than any female from New Jersey that is on TV.