Thursday, June 3, 2010

Painting on the choo er chu er chew er

I know, I know, I really suck at posting daily. I keep looking forward to the summer slowdown that looks just ahead every single day. We have been getting rain, rain and more rain. Well for here and for June it is quite a lot of rain and it is raining again tonight. The rain has been good for me and my grass but not so good for hay growers. Most of what was cut before last week did not go up too well. Most of what is left to cut has now budded or bloomed which reduces its value.

The rain has helped me get caught up on pasture irrigation. Each year I am finding a better way to use more of the old pipe around here to cover more area and make life a bit easier from a physical standpoint. The battle will continue but I feel much better about it now than I did a year ago. I am going to guess that somewhere along the line we are in for some hot dry weather this summer. I hope the hot and dry do not match the cool and wet in severity.

I drove into Connell today to get feed. When I got ready to leave town I had to wait for a long train traveling through town. Maybe this particular group of train cars was abnormal but damn they were almost all covered in painted on graffiti. There were a few things I noticed today as I watched the train cars roll slowly by. Today’s post is about those thoughts.

Obviously just like every other aspect of the world there are people who are good at what they do, and people that really suck at what they do. Some of the paintings were very detailed, colorful, artistic and well done as far as train car painting goes. Some of them had multiple colors and looked almost 3 dimensional. I saw one that was a buck toothed rhino in an astronaut suit that had a toilet plunger in each hand. I am TOTALLY serious; you can’t just make things like that up! All I could think about is how a rhino turd would probably plug a toilet on a fairly regular basis. The other really detailed one was about a four foot tall bishop chess piece with a bra hanging from the cross on top. I shit you NOT!

Some looked like they were done with a toddler set of finger paints but there were enough correctly spelled words that I am guessing at least a teen did the painting. Apparently someone name “Juicy” had an accident and has been put under strict bed rest by his or her Physician. The reason I say this is because the painting said “Juicy R.I.B 2-14-08”. There was no information to say if this was the start or end date of the prescribed bed rest. Who knows maybe someone was just craving juicy ribs for dinner and got carried away with periods on Valentines Day 2008. One other intellectual printed “9-11 was not a conspeeracie theory”. I guess the shame of losing the spelling bee in 2nd grade caused someone to become a graffiti artist.

What really is amazing is how many Egyptians there are into tagging train cars. I don’t know what these gang members are trying to say but by the hieroglyphics they paint they must want King Tut to know about it and not anyone else. A few taggers need to be more mindful of shaking up their spray paint. Writing “I am so hawt” just does not have the same effect if it has to be printed 3 times because the paint keeps running down the side of a boxcar. The most disturbing thing is that people have time on their hands and decide that trespassing and defacing someone else’s property is what they choose to do with their time. I guess it is not that surprising when you consider someone who would take the time to write in very bright orange and blue letters “Santos luvs Sweet pee”.

Today’s real environmentalist species found on the ranch is the Cattle egret aka Bubulcus ibis.

Today’s picture is of some Canada geese in the home place pasture.