Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Why I dont engage vegans and animal rights activists Part 2 the anger

Anger, we all face it sometimes, sometimes it is our own anger, sometimes we see anger in others, but we all know it when we see it. I think most of us would agree that anger is a pretty ugly emotion, while also agreeing that sometimes it is a very valid response to certain issues or stimulus. Rational people would agree that if possible anger is a good emotion to try and limit or steer clear of. It is just the opposite in the animal rights activist world. Anger is celebrated and often is the primary emotion that defines their world and life. I want to give a little nod here to the vegan world vs the animal rights activists world, often two worlds that intersect. I have met some vegans that are not angry 24 hours a day 7 days a week. I have yet to meet an animal rights activist that doesn't have one of two life statuses at any given moment, pissed off or asleep.
There are many reasons constant anger is not a good idea. Constant anger probably wont help your cause with the majority of the world. They will just see you as the bitter person you are. I mean when you make comments like the above as a response to a picture of a teenage girl with her first deer the only person that is probably going to want to be around you are those studying psychopathy. I mean who wouldn't want to have a chat with these two lovely individuals just to see if they couldn't learn some valuable nugget of enlightenment?
 Surely the vast majority of consumers will take what this person says as the truth and follow their lead in their food choices.

Another reason anger is so useless is because it often will keep you from making a rational and coherent argument no matter what side of an issue you are on. An example would be something like this.

ARA vegan; F*ck you killer!!

Rational person; Sorry ma'am what are you referring to?

ARA vegan; the picture of the cow you killed

Rational person; I didnt kill it, it died from sickness, and that's a horse ma'am

ARA vegan; F*ck you horse rapist! I am .000003% Native American and a horse is my spirit animal!

Rational person; That's nice, How many horses do you own?

ARA vegan; None, I never would own any animal.

Rational person; Who owns the 7 cats you are holding in your profile picture?

ARA vegan; F*ck you, you corpse munching scum, go get some mental help, you are a psychopath!!!!!! We are done here!

Alrighty then.

Often the ARA activists are angry with each other. 
 While this level of anger is their personal choice, it is certainly not the kind of people that I or most rational people want to be around. The vast majority find them vapid and of little value to be around. When these people understand this reality it just makes them more angry as they see that 99.9% of the world is laughing at them.
I think you get the picture. Why anyone would waste their time engaging someone with this level of anger is something I see no practical use for. As I said yesterday, you are free to engage if you wish, this is just the path I have chosen for myself. Enjoy your day folks, yes even you angry ARA activists. Maybe this will help you smile?

If that didn't help I don't know what will. That's funny right there I don't care who you are. 

Todays cowman music selection is from John Conlee. Lyrics like this make this an awesome song!
"If you'll hand me my crayons
I'll be glad to take your name
In case I run across that guy you knew
But I don't remember loving you"